11 players who can be the starting QB for the NY Jets in 2023

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The Savior: Mike White

What if Mike White is the answer the Jets have been searching for all along? The former fifth-round pick might very well receive another opportunity to showcase his talents if Wilson is benched in the near future.

White captured the imagination of Jets fans and the NFL world last season with his miraculous performance against the eventual AFC champion Cincinnati Bengals last season. It even earned him an exhibit in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

'Mike White Mania' temporarily made headlines for a few weeks in 2021, but it quickly faded following a disastrous four-interception performance against the Buffalo Bills.

White would need to significantly cut down on his turnovers and play safer football, but he'll probably have a chance to prove himself soon enough. Stranger things have happened.

Odds: Miracles can happen

The Uninspiring Option: Ryan Tannehill

Ryan Tannehill is a fine quarterback. The 34-year-old has thrown for 10 touchdowns and four interceptions in eight starts this season all while playing with arguably the worst receiving corps in the NFL.

Much like the Jets, the Tennessee Titans lean heavily on their ground game which takes pressure off their quarterback. The Titans don't ask Tannehill to do a lot, similar to how the Jets have rarely asked much of their quarterbacks in this system.

In that sense, Tannehill fits the bill. That said, the finances involved might make this tricky. The Titans have an out in Tannehill's contract that would still cost them nearly $19 million in dead cap.

They could look to trade him, but his $38.6 million cap hit could complicate matters. Would the Titans feel comfortable turning the reigns of the offense over to Malik Willis? Would they make another addition?

This one is possible, but there are some obstacles to overcome first.

Odds: Possible but not preferred