11 coaches connected to the NY Jets' offensive coordinator job

NY Jets, Frank Reich
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4. NY Jets offensive coordinator target: Kevin Patullo

The Jets officially interviewed Eagles passing game coordinator Kevin Patullo on Friday, the first known interview the Jets have conducted. Once again, that Douglas/Eagles connection pops up.

Some Jets fans might remember Patullo from the early Todd Bowles days. Patullo served as the Jets' quarterbacks coach in 2015 and 2016, and he probably deserves some credit for the work he did with Ryan Fitzpatrick that first year.

Since then, Patullo has had stints at Texas A&M and with the Colts since then before joining the Eagles in 2022. Much like Brian Johnson, Patullo will receive credit for helping develop Jalen Hurts and that entire Eagles passing game.

Patullo feels like a lateral move (if not a downgrade) from Mike LaFleur, but it's easy to see why the Jets are interested.

3. NY Jets offensive coordinator target: Pep Hamilton

It wasn't long ago that Pep Hamilton was one of the hottest assistant coaches in the game. The DC Defenders head coach has been around for a while with his first major opportunity coming with the Jets in 2003.

Hamilton spent three years with the Jets serving as everything from an offensive quality control coach to a quarterbacks coach to a wide receivers coach. His most recent success came in 2020 as the quarterbacks coach of the Los Angeles Chargers.

Hamilton was seen as an instrumental part of Justin Herbert's development and was even seen as a future head coach by many. His stock has fallen a little in recent years as his work with the Houston Texans has been less than stellar.

Still, Hamilton has a solid track record and would be an exciting hire for the Jets, even if his stint as offensive coordinator in Houston hasn't done him any favors.