1 significant Jets offensive failure is NFL’s worst in recorded history

This offense is redefining ineptitude.
NY Jets, Zach Wilson
NY Jets, Zach Wilson / Elsa/GettyImages

Not a soul can look at what Zach Wilson, much-maligned offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett, and the NY Jets are doing on offense and call it anything less than a travesty of the highest order. The Jets are once again wasting an amazing defense due to a pitiful offense.

The lack of creativity and bizarre play-calling is bad enough, but the two biggest issues with the offense are their inability to score touchdowns when they get in the red zone (allegedly Hackett's specialty during his time in Green Bay) and their poor third-down conversion rate.

The Jets are converting just 22% of their third downs this year, essentially penciling them in for a 2-9 rate every single game. Calling this offense historically bad is not being hyperbolic or a grouchy fan, as these numbers are so bad they have never been seen before.

Going back to 1978, the latest year from which Elias Sports Bureau has information regarding, the Jets have the worst-recorded third-down offense in history. Wilson and Hackett are combining to make a historically bad offense, even when compared to other bad Jets teams.

NY Jets' offense has been legendarily bad on third down.

Both Hackett and Wilson are to blame here. Thanks to mystifying personnel decisions, a lack of creativity shown only at the high school level, and an inability to work around Wilson's flaws have had Hackett performing so poorly that a change in play-caller needs to be considered.

Wilson, himself, has made even getting to the red zone as tough as pulling teeth. His abysmal pocket presence, struggles finding open receivers and poor accuracy were bad enough, but his turnovers have officially put this attack into clown car territory.

Outside of the Kansas City game, Wilson has looked just as bad as he did last year. With the poor offensive line and inability to scheme open any receivers not named Garrett Wilson, the Jets have shown no ability to sustain any sort of positive momentum. After the few times they made plays, they immediately followed it up with a backbreaking turnover.

The Jets are in such dire straits that no game can be considered a likely victory due to the ineptitude of this offense. On any other team that didn't have the Aaron Rodgers nepotism factor in play, the quarterback would be benched before the next start, and the coordinator would be in danger of losing their job.