NY Jets: Sam Darnold reportedly isn’t getting traded to Washington

NY Jets, Sam Darnold (Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)
NY Jets, Sam Darnold (Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images) /

The NY Jets can reportedly now cross off the Washington Football Team as a potential trade suitor for Sam Darnold after the team signed Ryan Fitzpatrick on Tuesday.

Despite conflicting reports, according to ESPN’s Diana Russini, Darnold is no longer considered a quarterback option for Washington, now that they’ve signed 38-year-old veteran Fitzpatrick.

At this point, it feels like it’s just a matter of time before Darnold gets traded. In three seasons, although he can’t be blamed for all of it, Darnold hasn’t turned into the franchise quarterback that the Jets expected he’d be when they drafted him No. 3 overall.

Darnold, however, does have age on his side. At 23-years-old, he may have another 15+ years left in his career. Actually, by the way Tom Brady is transcending the quarterback position, Darnold might be able to play until he’s 60-years-old.

Joking aside, it’s probably a benefit that the Jets can cross Washington’s name off the list. Although it’s great to have a lot of dance partners, it can be counter-productive.

By taking their time with a trade, the Jets may be able to get more value out of Darnold, as fewer teams need him.

Every franchise needs a quarterback, so if that potential trading partner continues to fall short in free agency and the draft, Darnold looks like a much better option than he did a month ago.

As a result, his value increases, and the Jets benefit. It’s all about supply and demand.

The NY Jets likely won’t be trading Sam Darnold to Washington

As free agency continues, the list of teams that need a quarterback only decreases.

A few weeks ago, there were as many as eight teams tied to Darnold, but at this current state, it only feels like two are real possibilities, while two others are longshots.

Longshots for a Sam Darnold trade

Houston Texans: 

Trading Deshaun Watson for Sam Darnold and others, seems like a great fit for both parties, but it’s still an unknown. There are a ton of moving parts that have to happen for this trade to go down, and it’s still unclear if Houston will actually move Watson.

Although it feels like they will eventually trade him, it’s far from a given that they would deal him to New York.

Seattle Seahawks: 

Russell Wilson never listed New York as a potential team he wanted to get traded to, but Pete Carroll is rumored to be “high on Darnold.”

Both Carroll and Darnold have ties to USC, so maybe that connection could bring the 23-year-old quarterback to Seattle in exchange for Wilson and a ton of draft picks.

Or if the Seahawks move Wilson to another team, maybe they come calling in search of his replacement.

Most likely destinations for Sam Darnold

Carolina Panthers:

Carolina holds the No. 8 selection and isn’t happy with Teddy Bridgewater as their starter. Although the team seems to like him, head coach Matt Rhule acknowledged that the Panthers need to improve that position, so Darnold could be a fit.

Denver Broncos: 

Denver is in a very similar position as Carolina. They currently hold the No. 9 overall pick, and with that selection, they most likely won’t be able to select a top-four quarterback prospect without trading up.

Since acquiring Peyton Manning and winning Super Bowl 50, the Broncos have struggled. They’ve had great defenses, but they haven’t had a quality quarterback, so they may be intrigued with what Darnold offers.

It’s clear they’re not sold on Drew Lock at this stage.

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Free agency and, of course, the 2021 NFL Draft will play a huge factor in where Darnold goes, but here’s to hoping that the Jets are still able to find good trade value for him, as they will most likely have a new starting quarterback in 2021.