NY Jets: Deshaun Watson met with HC David Culley, refuses to play for Texans

NY Jets, Deshaun Watson (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)
NY Jets, Deshaun Watson (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images) /

The NY Jets are one of the teams that have most often been connected to Houston Texans’ quarterback Deshaun Watson in trade rumors this offseason.

That’s why the latest piece of news coming from the Watson situation is pretty significant.

Per ESPN’s Dan Graziano, Watson reportedly met with new head coach David Culley for the first time last Friday. But despite their meeting, Watson reiterated that he wants to be traded and has no plans to play another game for the Texans again.

This is, of course, significant because up until this point, Watson had refused to meet with either Culley or new general manager Nick Caserio. Evidently, his meeting with Culley hasn’t changed a thing.

The NY Jets might be one step closer to a Deshaun Watson trade

It’s been widely reported in recent weeks that Watson’s issues with the Texans were related to owner Cal McNair and high-ranking executive Jack Easterby. Reports indicated that it didn’t matter who the Texans hired — Watson wanted out.

However, despite this, the Texans have been refusing to consider a Watson trade until he at least met with the new regime. At least, that’s what John McClain of the Houston Chronicle has suggested.

Watson has now met with one-half of the new regime, and nothing has changed. It’s hard to imagine things would be different if he were to meet with Caserio.

At this point, it just becomes a stand-off. Watson continues to insist that he won’t play another game for the Texans. Will Houston ignore his requests and roll into the season with this hanging over their heads?

Or will they strike will the iron is hot and trade him before things get even further out of hand? Knowing how the Texans’ organization has operated as of late, the former might be more likely — even if the latter is the smart choice.

Eventually, Watson will likely be forced to play, or else he risks tolling his contract to the next season. But what would that solve? If he plays the final 5-6 games of the season, how does that help the Texans?

It doesn’t. If Watson is dead-set on leaving Houston, there’s virtually nothing they can do. Might as well get the best package you can for him before his value diminishes.

Perhaps the Texans come to that same conclusion within the next couple of months. Or perhaps they remain hard-headed and refuse to give in to their franchise icon.

Either way, Watson has made his intentions clear. He’s met with the new head coach, and it hasn’t changed his mind.

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Deshaun Watson wants out. The ball is now in the Texans’ court.