Texans reporter thinks NY Jets could be favorites for Deshaun Watson

NY Jets, Deshaun Watson Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports
NY Jets, Deshaun Watson Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports /

The NY Jets continue to be connected to rumors regarding Houston Texans’ star quarterback Deshaun Watson. But the latest rumor might actually be the most significant one yet.

Texans’ beat reporter John McClain, who has been covering the NFL for the Houston Chronicle for close to 50 years, recently indicated on SportsRadio 610 in Houston that the Jets could be the favorites to land Watson.

That is, only if Watson is actually traded.

McClain said that the Texans still have no intentions of trading Watson and that they’ve said that both publicly and privately. He stated that the Texans haven’t been calling teams as other reports have indicated — only other teams have been calling them.

However, there is one significant caveat that should have Jets fans pretty excited. McClain stated that “If [the Texans] traded him, it would be to the Jets.”

The NY Jets might be the favorites to land Deshaun Watson

Now again, McClain did say that the Texans don’t plan to trade him. But that’s something that could change as the weeks and months go on.

And it seems as though the Jets could be the favorites to swoop in if things continue to go south.

McClain is about as plugged-in as any Texans reporter. And his stance on the issue has changed significantly since the start of the offseason.

The longtime Texans reporter originally claimed that there was no chance Watson would be traded, only to soften his stance on the issue. Now, he’s insisting that certain teams could be favorites if he’s traded.

There’s still a long way to go and this issue is far from resolved. Watson has leverage, but so too do the Texans who could fine their quarterback into oblivion if he decides to holdout — a decision that has not been made yet.

Of course, that’s an outcome both parties would like to avoid. But if Watson is serious about wanting out — and it’s very easy to see why he would — things are only going to get uglier.

The uglier things get, the more likely he is to be traded.

The Jets are one of the few teams with the draft capital, financial flexibility, and desire to make a serious push for Watson. The package they could offer Houston is larger than perhaps any other team could entertain.

That alone might be enough to land him in New York if things continue on this trajectory.

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We’re likely to hear more and more rumors as the weeks go by. But this one feels like the most reputable one yet.

Stay tuned.