NY Jets: Robert Saleh’s coaching staff is already larger than Adam Gase’s

NY Jets, Robert Saleh Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports
NY Jets, Robert Saleh Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports /

The NY Jets will be ushering in a new era of football this season upon the arrival of head coach Robert Saleh. One of the hottest names on the coaching market, Saleh promises to provide a much-needed change of pace from his predecessor.

And not even a month into his tenure, the differences between Saleh and former head coach Adam Gase are evident. Not only in their demeanor and mentality, but in the composition of their coaching staffs.

When Gase was hired by the Jets, he had been fired just weeks before by the Miami Dolphins. As a result, he opted to bring in the majority of the offensive coaching staff from his prior organization.

You know, the coaching staff that had just been let go because of poor performance.

But as for his defensive staff, the Jets’ brass had significant say in it. It was ownership that brought in Gregg Williams to be the team’s defensive coordinator and Williams hired the majority of his staff.

Gase’s offensive staff was a collection of his former Miami buddies while his defensive staff was constructed largely without his say. The situation regarding Saleh and his staff is vastly different.

The NY Jets will have a new-look coaching staff with Robert Saleh

Saleh has already put together a staff that is larger than his predecessor, and it might not even be complete just yet. And contrary to Gase’s staff, Saleh’s staff is almost entirely his own.

While it’s true that most of Saleh’s staff has worked with him in the past — as is commonplace in the coaching world — he didn’t just look to his previous job for answers.

Saleh has ventured back to his days with the Jacksonville Jaguars, Seattle Seahawks, and Houston Texans to construct his coaching staff. And those he poached from San Francisco weren’t recently fired, if anything they were highly-regarded such as new offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur.

One thing that Saleh has emphasized is the importance of delegation. His ideal coaching staff features a multitude of different football minds who all share one common football vision.

That, in essence, is what Saleh’s staff is.

While Gase had only nine offensive assistants working under him, Saleh already has 11. Gase only had eight defensive assistants while Saleh has nine with the potential to add a couple more.

Interesting note on Saleh’s staff — it’s already bigger than Gase’s.

• Offensive assistants under Saleh: 11• Offensive assistants under Gase: 9

• Defensive assistants under Saleh: 9• Defensive assistants under Gase: 8

Possibly a few more names yet to be added too.

— The Jet Press (@TheJetPress) February 2, 2021

Saleh has chosen to rely more on his assistants and bring together a collection of coaches rather than rest on his laurels with his own personal buddies.

Gase was not only one of the least respected coaches in the NFL, but his staff matched the same level of respect. Saleh, on the other hand, will be very different.

We’re already seeing the differences between Saleh and Gase before the former has even coached his first game with the organization.

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A new era of Jets football is upon us. And Robert Saleh is the poster boy for that era.