NY Jets: How the Matthew Stafford situation could affect Gang Green

NY Jets, Matthew Stafford Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports
NY Jets, Matthew Stafford Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports /

The NY Jets are set for what should be a very eventful and significant offseason. And what makes this offseason even more fascinating is the sheer number of options the Jets will have at their disposal.

Every year, the NFL Draft truly starts with one selection. This year, that selection belongs to the Jets.

The Jets will have a decision to make at the quarterback position this offseason joining upwards of 10+ teams that could see turnover at the position in the coming months.

Another such team is the Detroit Lions who seem destined to introduce a new quarterback this offseason. The recent report about Matthew Stafford all but confirms that.

As first reported by NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero on Saturday, Stafford and the Lions have mutually agreed to part ways after 12 seasons in the Motor City. One era is coming to an end, but Stafford still has something left in the tank.

And per ESPN’s Adam Schefter, teams have already begun reaching out to Stafford about a potential deal. Up to a third of the league could be interested — the Jets included.

How does the Matthew Stafford news affect the NY Jets?

That doesn’t mean that the Jets are a likely or even favorable landing spot for the former Pro Bowl quarterback, but the option is on the table. More importantly, however, the Stafford situation could and probably will affect the Jets in some way.

If general manager Joe Douglas were to still believe in Stafford’s ability to be a top-12 or so quarterback for the next 3-4 years, he could put together a trade with Detroit.

That trade could see the Jets move down to seven (where the Lions pick) while Detroit moves up to No. 2 to select Stafford’s replacement. The anticipated value for Stafford is at least a first-round pick, which would seem to indicate Detroit would need to send a little more in the trade.

Again, it’s unlikely the Jets decide to go this route. But it’s a possibility.

On the contrary, if the Jets do decide to stick with Sam Darnold, trading down remains a very appealing option. And even if Stafford isn’t dealt to the Jets, the Lions will still be searching for a new quarterback.

The recent development puts them in a prime position to trade up come April. The Jets make a ton of sense as a potential trade partner. The Lions are just another team that could have interest in the Jets’ No. 2 overall pick if they decide to shop it.

Finally, if the Jets decide to move on from Darnold and draft his replacement — a scenario many believe will play out — the Lions could still make sense as a trade partner. Only not for the No. 2 pick, but for the Jets now-former starting quarterback.

If neither the Jets nor Miami Dolphins trade back, the Lions could find themselves in a situation where they’re scrambling for a quarterback. Say the Jets take a quarterback and then either Atlanta or Philadelphia does the same, now what?

Perhaps they’d be high enough on someone like Trey Lance — assuming he’s the fourth quarterback off the board. Or perhaps, they’d rather trade for someone like Darnold.

The Jets could send Darnold to Detroit for a second-round pick and recoup additional draft capital to build around their new quarterback.

And above all else, even if the Lions don’t directly get involved in a trade with the Jets, the Stafford situation creates just another team that’s searching for a quarterback.

This upcoming offseason is likely to feature a quarterback carousel, unlike anything we’ve seen before. There’s a good chance the Jets are involved in that carousel when all is said and done.

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And the Matthew Stafford situation only serves to add another able body to this growing game of QB musical chairs.