NY Jets: 3 college head coaches the team should target

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The NY Jets could look to target these three college head coaches this offseason.

The NY Jets typically rule the offseason. Meaning every year, there will be a hot news story printed right off the press, or certain drama that will carry over throughout the offseason, and possibly beyond.

This year, it’s no different.

The Jets will begin their head coaching search as they set out to find the next leader of the franchise. Joe Douglas stated in his press conference on Tuesday that the team will be casting a “wide net” to find the perfect coaching candidate for the job.

It’s never easy to find the perfect guy. Jets fans are a bit too familiar with this.

The team has been struggling to perform at an even average level since falling to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2010 AFC Championship. Since then, the Jets have been on the prowl for a coach that can elevate this team to the next level.

Joe Douglas won’t be limiting his search to only the NFL degree, he will certainly expand to the college level to examine if any of the highly-touted collegiate coaches would possibly make the jump to the pros.

There are three coaches that we believe would be a solid fit for the organization if they were to be interviewed and possibly offered the job by Douglas.

Time will tell if the team will be interested in these candidates, though, it would be wise of Joe Douglas to give them a look as the search rolls on.

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3. The NY Jets should consider Florida HC Dan Mullen

This is a name that Jets fans should familiarize themselves with over the next couple of weeks. Mullen has been the head coach for the Florida Gators since 2018. Since then, the team’s overall record has been outstanding, 29-9.

Mullen has done a fantastic job as he’s developed a consistently competitive team in the SEC. The question is, can he transfer his skill to the pro-level?

When evaluating college coaches, it’s important to constantly take into account the level of competition the team is facing throughout a season.

In Mullen’s case, this shouldn’t be a topic of conversation when comparing the SEC to other conferences among college football.

The Florida Gators have been dominant throughout their three-year stretch with Mullen leading the charge, and they’ve faced premier competition, too.

There have been rumors swirling that given the correct opportunity, Mullen may consider leaving Florida for an NFL coaching gig. Mullen is well known for developing quarterbacks such as Alex Smith, Tim Tebow, and most recently, Dak Prescott.

Mullen has been around the college scene for quite a while, and his reputation with quarterbacks only adds to his case of becoming an NFL head coach sooner, rather than later.

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2. The NY Jets should consider Northwesrtern HC Pat Fitzgerald

If Joe Douglas is still looking for a strong voice that can elevate the talent of a depleted team, this is the guy. Pat Fitzgerald is known for his fiery attitude and ultra-completive culture.

He would instantly become a fan favorite considering his history at the collegiate level, and the level of power he would bring to an NFL program.

Fitzgerald should receive an interview request from the Jets in the coming days. Though the team likely won’t make the interview public, the Jets should do everything in their power to fly Fitzgerald to Florham Park, before another team pounces on the opportunity.

Is Fitzgerald the perfect man for the job? Time will certainly tell, though, his resume speaks for itself. Look at this past season, for example, Fitzgerald’s team secured seven wins over the stretch of nine games.

A record that qualified the team to compete in the Citrus Bowl, a game in which they found a way to win, improving Fitzgerald’s bowl/playoff record to 5-5.

Pat Fitzgerald centers his ability to build a strong culture as the most important thing to winning, as winning is to the franchise.

It would be wise for Douglas to see if Fitzgerald is interested in leaving Northwestern, to fly further west to East Rutherford.

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1. Iowa State HC Matt Campbell should be under consideration for the job.

Matt Campbell should be on every Jets fans’ radar, with the word “winning” circled adjacent to the name. The Jets were interested in Campbell back in 2019 when he turned down their interview request, the team ended up hiring Adam Gase.

Now, with the Jets back on the market for a new head coach, and a more reputable general manager running the show, Campbell has reasons to reconsider. He should be interested in a job that has been highly regarded around NFL circles for over a month.

Campbell has a love for Iowa State that many wish they would have with their partners. Campbell lives, eats, and breathes football, his love of the game is unmatched compared to many other coaches collegiately.

This should have been the first candidate Joe Douglas reached out to once Adam Gase was relieved of his duties.

It certainly may have been, too. The NFL is reluctant to make college interviews public to the outpour of fans that are rigorously trying to dig deep into their team’s coaching search.

Matt Campbell should be near the top of the Jets’ list solely due to the amount of passion he pours into the game. The Jets need passion, they need an exhilarating head coach that will be able to put the best product on the field after each week’s practice.

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The team hasn’t had that. They have a chance to, now.