Don’t worry NY Jets fans, Adam Gase will be fired in a week

NY Jets, Adam Gase Mandatory Credit: Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports
NY Jets, Adam Gase Mandatory Credit: Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports /

The NY Jets will fire Adam Gase after the final game of the season next Sunday.

The NY Jets are doing it again. Despite an absolutely horrific start to the 2020 season, the Jets have managed to continue fighting and have miraculously rattled off a two-game win streak under head coach Adam Gase.

In an eerie way, this is similar to what occurred a year ago. After starting off 1-7, the Jets finished the year on a 6-2 run to effectively save their coach’s job and secure a respectable 7-9 record.

Of course, starting off 0-13 is a completely different scenario, but that hasn’t stopped Jets fans from fearing the worst-case scenario. And that is that Gase could possibly still return next season.

Perhaps owner Christopher Johnson sees how hard the team continues to play under Gase’s watch and affords his heavily-criticized coach a new lease on his Jets life. It’s a nightmarish scenario, but one that many seem to believe could happen.

Don’t worry Jets fans, you have nothing to worry about.

In exactly a week from the time of writing, Adam Gase will officially be fired from his position as the head coach of the NY Jets. Few things, at this point, remain more certain.

This was a sentiment discussed by The Athletic’s Connor Hughes in his post-game podcast following the team’s shocking 23-16 victory over the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. Hughes couldn’t believe that there were fans who still believed Gase would return.

His exact words were as followed.

“Gase is gone. He’s going to be fired. The decision to fire him was made weeks ago.”

Hughes then reiterated the three reasons that Gase hasn’t been fired yet, many of which we have repeated in the past.

Why have the NY Jets kept Adam Gase for so long?

For starters, the Jets did not believe that they had a suitable replacement for Gase. They like Dennard Wilson, Gregg Williams seemed like a logical fit, but ultimately, the team decided there was no one on the staff capable of replacing Gase.

In many ways, Gase’s own failure to put together a competent coaching staff may have saved his job.

Moreover, the Jets didn’t want to add another variable into their analysis of quarterback Sam Darnold. The plan this season has been to accurately assess Darnold to determine if he truly is the quarterback of the future.

The Jets believed that introducing a new play-caller and offensive system midseason could prove detrimental to Darnold’s growth.

Finally, the Jets didn’t want to reinforce Woody Johnson’s reputation for having a so-called “quick trigger.” This was more about the organization’s ability to hire new candidates.

The Jets wanted the perception to be that they gave Gase ample time to turn things around before letting him go. Firing him in the middle of his second season would perhaps feed into the Johnsons’ reputation for ousting coaches too quickly.

That’s it. Those are the reasons Gase is still here. No one is considering the possibility of him returning in 2021. There is no “what if” in this scenario.

Adam Gase will be fired on January 4th, 2021. In one week’s time, the Jets will begin their search for a new head coach.

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Rest easy, Jets fans. This is one thing that you can guarantee.