NY Jets: Trevor Lawrence says he’s ‘ready to take on’ the challenge of the NFL

NY Jets, Trevor Lawrence Mandatory Credit: Ken Ruinard-USA TODAY Sports
NY Jets, Trevor Lawrence Mandatory Credit: Ken Ruinard-USA TODAY Sports /

Trevor Lawrence recently hinted at his future, possibly with the NY Jets in the NFL.

The NY Jets have had their eyes set on Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence for the past few months. And with nearly 80 percent odds to land the first overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, their path to Lawrence grows more likely by the week.

At this point, it seems obvious that Lawrence will be the top pick in the draft when he declares. This is an opinion that’s really been shared for up to two years now and it’s not one that’s changing anytime soon.

But because sports media likes to fabricate narratives to talk about, the idea that Lawrence could bypass the Jets in favor of his senior season or, even worse, by refusing to play for them has been throw around.

It’s a silly notion and one that’s never been likely to happen, but that doesn’t stop the conspiracy theorists and/or extreme pessimists from running wild with hypotheticals.

That said, Lawrence appeared on “The Dan Patrick Show” on Wednesday to talk about his NFL future. Patrick asked Lawrence if he felt prepared to join a team like the Jets who certainly have seen better days.

Lawrence’s answer sure didn’t sound like someone who was considering avoiding the Jets.

Trevor Lawrence clearly isn’t worried about the NY Jets

“I think I’m ready. I think just being here at Clemson, my journey has taught me a lot. I’ve grown up a lot the past few years. I’m really just ready to take on whatever challenge it is and just have that opportunity.”

By all accounts, Lawrence has always been someone who embraces a challenge and isn’t one to shy away from the spotlight of a big-market team like the Jets. There is no indication that he would even consider avoiding the Jets’ organization.

If anything, he seems welcome to the challenge.

“Honestly, I know some of the stuff I say sounds cliché but just to have the opportunity to go somewhere, help someone rebuild if that’s what it is or whatever and just win. That’s something I love doing. I think that’s what I’m best at is winning, regardless of stats, whatever it is. That’s what I love. Just to have that chance, obviously some places it will be more of a challenge than others, but I think I’m up for it. That will get here when it’s here. I’m trying to focus now on being great where I’m at.”

Lawrence re-affirmed beliefs that he would forgo his senior season in favor of the NFL Draft when he participated in Senior Day activities at Clemson last month. And while Lawrence still hasn’t formally declared for the draft, it just seems like a matter of time.

The 21-year-old insinuated at such when Patrick asked him if he was preparing to declare for the draft.

“I mean it’s likely. I don’t want to completely shut any door.”

Lawrence didn’t commit to anything, but he sure sounded like someone who didn’t expect to return to college. And why would he? He’s already accomplished everything he can including winning a national championship.

Why would he throw away millions of dollars and risk injury or even negatively affecting his draft stock? He would have nothing to gain by returning to Clemson and would have plenty to lose.

That’s why it’s never really been a question of whether or not Lawrence would declare. He’s turning pro this year and entering the draft — you can bank on that.

His words on Wednesday only solidified a notion that is already known. And that’s that Trevor Lawrence would welcome the challenge of the Jets.

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Whether it’s the Jacksonville Jaguars or the NY Jets, Trevor Lawrence is going to be the quarterback of whichever team lands the No. 1 overall pick.

And the fate of that organization will change forever.