NY Jets: ‘Tension is building’ between Adam Gase and Gregg Williams

NY Jets Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports
NY Jets Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports /

The NY Jets are not on the same page with tension building between Adam Gase and Gregg Willams.

The NY Jets‘ organization may be on the brink of a full-on meltdown. At least, that’s the way it seems following apparent tension between head coach Adam Gase and defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.

The tension in the locker room following the departure of Le’Veon Bell has been inconspicuous, but still very apparent. And now, tension appears to be building on the team’s coaching staff following a disastrous 0-5 start to the season.

Both Gase and Williams spoke to reporters on Friday following this week’s practices. And while Gase didn’t say anything of note — as per usual — Williams’ words were a little more revealing.

It wasn’t just what he said, but what he insinuated. Williams was asked about the Jets’ defensive woes this season and he responded in a way that seemed to throw shade at his fellow coach.

“It’s not a very good number — and a lot of it’s not all defensively. It’s points on the board and we’ve got to do a good job of that, and how you do that is make them kick more field goals, got to do a better job in field-position-type things.”

In particular, his claim that “a lot of it’s not all defensively” seems to suggest that there is more at play here — specifically in regard to the offense.

NY Jets’ defensive coordinator Gregg Williams appeared to take a shot at Adam Gase.

When asked to clarify what he meant, Williams responded with “you’d have to figure it out,” before ending his video call with reporters. We all know what Williams wanted to say here — he just couldn’t say it.

The defense has certainly been underwhelming this season, but it’s not as if the Jets’ No. 32 ranked offense has done the unit any favors. That’s exactly what Williams is hinting at.

Is he completely valid in his claim? Not entirely, the defense would still likely be struggling even with a better offense. But the offense and defense work hand-in-hand so it’s safe to say that when one unit succeeds, the other does better as a result.

Regardless, it’s clear that there is tension in the Jets organization. That notion was seconded by ESPN’s Rich Cimini who insisted on Saturday that there is “tension is building” between Gase and Williams.

Not only are the Jets players unhappy, but the coaching staff appears to be as well. And considering we’re only in Week 6 and not even 40 percent through the season, things could get a whole lot worse.

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The Jets are on the brink of a total collapse. And unless things change soon, that seems to be the direction this organization is headed.