NY Jets: Le’Veon Bell’s departure may have a serious effect on Sam Darnold

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NY Jets’ quarterback Sam Darnold’s job just got a lot harder following Le’Veon Bell’s release.

The disaster that has been the 2020 NY Jets just continues to amaze us with how bad they can be. Head coach Adam Gase has now ruined yet another relationship with a star player which has led to Le’Veon Bell being released from the team and feeling relieved about it.

And who could blame him?

Thus far, the Jets have claimed that the reason they are keeping Gase is that firing him mid-season would be detrimental to Sam Darnold. I would like to raise the point that getting rid of Bell and potentially Jamison Crowder or others would be just as detrimental.

At this point, many experts and fans are starting to accept that if the Jets get the No. 1 overall pick, that they will be taking Trevor Lawrence and reset the clock on their young quarterback. If they don’t get the top pick, they still might stick with Darnold.

If the Jets do stick with Darnold, they will need to continue to develop him. At this point, the Jets offense is terrible. Play-calling is bad, weapons are bad, and the interior of the offensive line is bad. The only good parts of the offense are the tackles and a couple of weapons.

Sam Darnold now has one fewer weapon following the release of Le’Veon Bell from the NY Jets.

One of those weapons is or at least was Le’Veon Bell. While Bell hasn’t put up phenomenal numbers with the Jets, that is more due to Gase’s terrible play-calling and the lack of a push up front.

The release of Bell, while it does get rid of a disgruntled player, takes a weapon away from Darnold. Not only does he no longer have a talented player on the field with him, but he loses a veteran in the huddle to help him lead a pretty young team.

It would have been better for Darnold to keep Bell but get rid of Gase. Give the team and this offense the chance to shine under a different head coach that may know how to use a guy like Bell.

If that could’ve happened, while the Jets still may not have been amazing, it would have given Darnold a chance.

In the meantime, Darnold will have to try to play well with almost zero weapons. He’ll have to deal with a very bad head coach and a dysfunctional organization.

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At this point, Jets’ fans can just wish Darnold the best no matter where he winds up because the Jets have essentially ruined him.