NY Jets: Le’Veon Bell hints at trade request and expresses frustration

NY Jets, Le'Veon Bell (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
NY Jets, Le'Veon Bell (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images) /

NY Jets’ running back Le’Veon Bell hinted at a trade request on Twitter following Sunday’s loss.

Trouble may be brewing for the NY Jets and star running back Le’Veon Bell. Bell took to Twitter following the Jets’ ugly Week 5 loss to the Arizona Cardinals and may have taken some subtle jabs at not only the organization, but his head coach.

The former All-Pro running back “liked” multiple tweets from media members that criticized Bell’s lack of usage, particularly in the passing game. Perhaps even more damning, however, was the third tweet he liked.

That tweet called into question Adam Gase’s coaching and pleaded with the Jets to trade their uber-talented running back. Le’Veon Bell seemed to agree with that notion.

Later, Bell liked a couple of more tweets on Monday that detailed “issues” Gase has had with Bell and once again insisted that the Jets should trade him. Not a good look for Gase and the Jets organization.

Below are some excerpts from tweets that he liked.

“As much as I hate the idea, the Jets should trade Le’Veon Bell. He’s one of the most talented [running backs] in the NFL, but is not being used right. Gase has had an issue with him since day 1. And as bad as this team has been, Bell’s been nothing but a class act and deserves better.”

That’s a pretty daunting tweet for a player to like and it’s likely indicative of Bell’s frustrations with Gase and the Jets’ organization. That’s speculation on our part, but it seems valid.

But perhaps his most critical action came when he liked a tweet suggesting the Jets should fire Adam Gase. Bell didn’t hold back.

The following tweet was a response to one that read “Like this tweet if you think the Jets should fire Adam Gase.” Bell didn’t directly like that tweet, but he did like the reply to it that reads as followed.

“He wont like it, but I know he’s tempted. [I don’t know] how Adam Gase could see how much talent Bell has and not run the offense through him. He deserves better.”

Le’Veon Bell has certainly struggled during his time with the NY Jets.

Bell’s struggles in New York have been well-documented to this point. And while some of the blame can be put on his own shortcomings, it’s very clear that the Jets are actively making the situation worse.

The 28-year-old received just 14 touches on Sunday as compared to Frank Gore‘s nine despite being significantly more efficient than his elder counterpart.

Moreover, despite Gase insisting that getting Bell involved in the passing game is a priority, Bell was targeted just once on Sunday. He was split out in the slot three times — a fraction of the times he would be used at wideout during his stint in Pittsburgh.

It’s clear that, for whatever reason, Gase has no intention of using Bell to the best of his ability. And for that reason, Bell’s frustration is completely justified.

Especially when you consider the work Bell put in this offseason to get himself in the best shape of his life. To see all the work go to waste because of an incompetent organization/head coach must be infuriating.

He isn’t outright saying anything to the media or going on some social media rant — he’s too professional for that. Instead, he appears to be taking passive-aggressive shots at Gase and the Jets.

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Le’Veon Bell is frustrated. He seemingly wants out of New York and wants nothing to do with his current head coach.

And after seeing how Bell’s tenure with the Jets has played out, it’s hard to blame him.