NY Jets plan to keep Adam Gase for the rest of the 2020 season

NY Jets, Adam Gase
NY Jets, Adam Gase /

The NY Jets reportedly have no plans to fire Adam Gase any time soon, despite another loss.

The NY Jets lost their fourth straight game to open the 2020 season, this time to the previously 0-3 Denver Broncos starting their third-string quarterback. Despite this, head coach Adam Gase’s job appears to be safe.

As first reported by The Athletic’s Connor Hughes, and later supported by other reports, the Jets are not expected to make a coaching change despite their disappointing loss to the Broncos in Week 4.

Hughes specifies that this decision was made prior to kickoff and that the outcome of the game did not sway the opinion in any way. Gase is here to stay.

He takes this a step further and indicates that not only do the Jets plan to keep Gase for now, the plan is to keep him for at least the remainder of the 2020 season.

The question that many will immediately pose is simple. Why? Why keep a clearly incompetent head coach around if all signs point to firing him at the end of the season?

Why do the NY Jets plan to keep Adam Gase?

Hughes cites two reasons — neither will ease the minds of Jets fans.

The first, and perhaps most egregious, is for the sake of Sam Darnold. The Jets believe that firing Gase would do a disservice to their young quarterback who remains a question mark into his third NFL season.

“While there were some internal discussions, the externally unpopular decision to keep Gase seems centered around Darnold and his development. That remains the most important aspect of this season.

Firing Gase now will further cloud Darnold’s development. Would having Dowell Loggains or Jim Bob Cooter in his ear actually be an improvement?”

The Jets’ line of thinking seems to be that firing Gase midseason would further hinder Darnold’s development. And with the organization attempting to accurately assess their young signal-caller before the offseason, that’s the last thing they want.

It doesn’t take a “brilliant offensive mind” to see the irony in their mindset.

The second reason is another tried trope that has been used to promote stagnancy in sports organizations for as long as time as existed.

The Jets fear that if they fire Gase midseason, after 20 games no less, that it could dissuade future coaching candidates from wanting to join the team.

“Would a top candidate want to coach in New York if he knew the last guy had 20 games with a talent-deprived roster before they fired him? It’s a concern and potential obstacle the Jets don’t want to deal with.”

Once more, their logic certainly has some holes in it. But at the end of the day, Christopher Johnson has the final say, and this seems to be his mindset.

So for Jets fans expecting Gase to be fired anytime soon, don’t hold your breath.

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Adam Gase is here to stay — and that likely won’t be changing this year, no matter how bad things get.