NY Jets: Top 3 takeaways from Week 1 loss to the Buffalo Bills

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NY Jets

NY Jets (Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images)

The NY Jets will be hanging their heads in shame following their 27-17 loss to the Buffalo Bills.

The NY Jets lost a football game by the final score of 27-17. But if you think that tells the whole story — the entire ugly tale — you’d sadly be mistaken.

While the final score of Sunday’s season-opener against the Buffalo Bills might read like a 10-point defeat, in reality, it was far, far worse.

An abysmal offensive display coupled with disappointing play from the defense paved the way for a dominant performance from the Bills and a hapless showing from their division rivals.

In the end, the Jets only lost by 10. Sam Darnold completed 60 percent of his passes and threw for over 200 yards. The Jets had a 100-yard receiver in Jamison Crowder. They even outscored their opponents 13-6 in the second half.

But this is only what the stat sheet shows. Numbers can be deceiving — and in this case, that notion is very true.

The Bills picked up 31 first downs as compared to the Jets’ nine prior to their final garbage-time drive. Take away a fortunate 69-yard catch-and-run from Crowder and some stat-padding on the final drive, and Darnold has 88 passing yards on the day.

The offense was anemic, the defense was underwhelming, and the coaching staff looked completely outmatched.

What could we possibly take away from such an atrocious game? Don’t expect any sort of optimism here because you aren’t going to find it.

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