NFL Kickoff 2020: New York Jets must-haves


The NFL season is nearly here – which means the New York Jets will soon be back on our televisions. With football on the horizon, here are some must-haves.

After months of speculation, confusion and doubt about whether or not we’d get any NFL football, we are now within just two weeks of getting the New York Jets back on our television screens.

That’s good news, but while 2020 has been unlike every other year in recent memory, one thing remains the same.

You need all the right gear to cheer on your squad.

We’re here to help, so we’ve highlighted some of our favorites below.


New York Jets Nike Game Jersey

Whether you want to represent the face of the franchise, a new weapon or a young rookie, a new jersey is always a strong addition to your collection.

Order your Nike jersey at Fanatics for $99.99.


New York Jets New Era 2020 NFL Summer Sideline Official 39THIRTY Flex Hat

Support your team from head to toe… you know, quite literally, with this sideline hat from New Era. Made from a breathable mesh fabric for comfort and to keep you cool

Order your New Era hat from Fanatics for $35.99.


New York Jets Nike Sideline Early Season Team Performance Polo

Yeah, t-shirts are always nice. But sometimes they just won’t work for the job. If you’re looking for something that you could rock at the golf course or the office, then you need a new Nike polo.

Get your sideline polo at Fanatics for $74.99.


New York Jets Nike Sideline Impact Legend Performance T-Shirt

This is a simple look, sure. But it’s also a great one. So rock this sideline t-shirt and tell everyone around you which team has your heart.

Order your sideline t-shirt at Fanatics for $34.99.


New York Jets Adult On-Field Face Covering from FOCO

If you’re going to wear a face covering in public, you might as well rock the same face coverings that your favorite players will be wearing on the sidelines during NFL games.

Order your on-field face coverings at FOCO for $16.


New York Jets Nike Name & Number T-Shirt

Everyone loves a jersey, but not everyone has $100 to drop on a jersey right now. We hear that. That’s why name and number t-shirts are a great alternative. You can wear them anywhere while still representing your favorite player.

Order your Nike name and number t-shirt at Fanatics for $34.99.


New York Jets Hoodeez from FOCO

Right now it doesn’t feel like you’d need a sweatshirt. But, as they say, winter is coming. But don’t just get a sweatshirt. Imagine your favorite hoodie and your favorite blanket merged together. That’s exactly what a Hoodeez is.

Order your Hoodeez at FOCO for $55.


New York Jets Nike Local Lockup Performance T-Shirt

This shirt says all that needs to be said.

Order your lockup performance shirt at Fanatics for $34.99.


New York Jets Kan Jam Disc Game

Get outside with friends and play the popular disc game ‘Kan Jam.’ The rules are simple. Throw the disc to your partner – if you hit the jam, you get 2 points. If they tip the disc into the game, you get 1 point. If they tip it inside the jam, you get 3 points.

Manage to throw the disc into the small slot, you win automatically.

Order our Kan Jam game at Fanatics for $79.99.


New York Jets Bobblehead from FOCO

Get yourself a new bobblehead for your desk or fan cave. Just give it a tap after every touchdown and watch it shake away.

Order your bobblehead at FOCO for $45.

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