NY Jets: Jamal Adams’ recent temper tantrum is only the beginning

NY Jets, Jamal Adams (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images)
NY Jets, Jamal Adams (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images) /

The situation between the NY Jets and safety Jamal Adams is far from over.

Jamal Adams can be as upset as he wants with the NY Jets regarding his current contract situation, but his recent throwing fit only makes him look worse.

Adams loves to be the center of attention — no surprise there. His recent comments to the NY Daily News on Friday adds more fuel to the fire regarding his uncertain status in New York.

Jets brass has done everything in their power to stay quiet on the subject of Adams’ recent outbursts. With their intention of still keeping Adams unless significantly blown away by a deal, as sources have told the NY Post on Saturday, Joe Douglas has not lifted his hand.

This is an ongoing situation that doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon while Adams is still ready and willing to be traded.

Adams will do everything in his power to get out of his current situation in New York. Deliberately insulting and denouncing the head coach a week away from training camp isn’t the best approach.

Publicly trashing the sole person who writes the checks, Joe Douglas, isn’t the way to go. Tweeting hateful speech towards the team owner can’t get a player any farther out than in.

See a pattern here?

All in the same week, Jamal Adams has single-handedly discredited three high ranking members of the Jets organization.

Jamal Adams is doing everything in his power to force the NY Jets to trade him.

But, why now?

Why has Adams chosen to speak his mind amidst a season that is about to begin? It’s because he thinks he has no other option, which technically, he doesn’t.

The Jets have Adams locked up for a minimum of two more years. That’s another two years of whining, abusing, and offending everyone within the NY Jets’ organization until this whole situation gets straightened out.

The Jets aren’t, and weren’t, planning to sign Adams to an extension for at least another year, so that part can get scratched out.

A trade is unlikely, as the Jets have stressed time-and-time again that they aren’t willing to trade Adams for a bag of loose change.

There’s really only one option — let him play. At the end of the day, he’s an All-Pro safety who won’t be sitting out of training camp or the season. He still wants to show fans why he’s the best player at his position.

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But, as Adams and the Jets now realize, the games have already begun.