NY Jets: Le’Veon Bell thinks Jamal Adams wants to remain with Gang Green

NY Jets (Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)
NY Jets (Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images) /

NY Jets running back Le’Veon Bell evidently believes that Jamal Adams wants to remain with the Jets.

NY Jets‘ safety Jamal Adams has seemingly made his intentions clear. He wants out of New York and is willing to do what he can to force the team to make a move.

At least that what it seems like on the surface. However, Jets running back Le’Veon Bell seems to have a different interpretation of the situation.

Bell recently had what’s been described as a “great talk” with Adams on Thursday and he came away with the belief that the star safety doesn’t necessarily want to leave the Jets.

Instead, Bell simply reiterated that Adams wants to get paid, whether it’s by the Jets or not. He had the following to say about Adams’ contract situation on Hot 97 radio on Friday.

“I think he wants to be [with the Jets]. I just think he wants to get paid. I think he’s in the same situation I was three years ago. He’s a young player. He’s been at the top of the game, playing at a high level and feels like, ‘Dang, I just want to get compensated.’ ”

Those are certainly some encouraging words for Jets fans who may have thought that Adams’ relationship with the Jets was past the point of repair. But at the same time, this seemingly goes against everything he’s said up until this point.

Earlier last month, Adams formally requested a trade from the organization with reports citing his frustration over his lack of a contract extension and his growing mistrust of the front office.

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Adams has gone as far as to make public comments on social media referring to his time with the Jets in the “past tense.” So as much as we would like to believe Bell’s sentiment, it’s difficult to do so.

Despite Le’Veon Bell’s comments, it’s hard to believe that Jamal Adams truly wants to remain with the NY Jets.

This is the same man who said that he would “miss balling with” Marcus Maye and that he was literally trying to get traded to his hometown Dallas Cowboys. It’s hard to trust that he truly doesn’t want out of New York.

But perhaps this is all a ploy by Adams to get a new contract. It’s unlikely to work — at least in terms of the Jets giving in and extending him — but it’s certainly a noble effort.

Bell seems confident that Adams will be playing for the Jets in 2020, but he’s also expressed his support for Adams in his ongoing contract dispute. Whether the former LSU star actually suits up for the green and white this season remains a mystery.

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But at the very least, at least one notable teammate believes that Adams has a future with the Jets.