NY Jets: NFL analyst believes Gang Green deserves a Super Bowl

NY Jets (Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images)
NY Jets (Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images) /

NFL analyst Brian Baldinger believes that the NY Jets deserve a Super Bowl title.

The NY Jets are a tortured franchise. This isn’t meant to be pessimistic, per se, but it’s hard to argue that life has been easy for Jets fans over the duration of the organization’s existence.

The Jets haven’t sniffed a Super Bowl in over half a century. The vast majority of the fanbase wasn’t even alive for the team’s only Super Bowl appearance back in 1969.

Simply put, few NFL franchises have had it quite as bad as the Jets have. For that reason, some feel that the team is well overdue for a Super Bowl title — and it’s hard to blame them.

One such person is former NFL lineman and current analyst Brian Baldinger who recently proclaimed that the Jets “deserve” a Super Bowl victory more than any other team in the NFL.

NFL.com asked a collection of analysts to give their take on which team they feel is most deserving of a coveted Lombardi Trophy and while the usual suspects like the Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lions were brought up, Baldinger went with the Jets.

“J-E-T-S! JETS! JETS! JETS! Most fans weren’t even alive for — or at least old enough to remember — the New York Jets’ Super Bowl III win in January of 1969. But this franchise’s fans have been loyal. They share a stadium with a team that has won four Lombardi Trophies and has been the talk of the town, yet the Jets faithful continue to show up with hope. It’s been an ugly 50 years. It’s time to eradicate that history.”

Brian Baldinger picking the NY Jets shouldn’t be considered much of a surprise, but he has a point.

Of course, Baldinger may be slightly biased seeing as the Massapequa native isn’t shy about his Jets fandom. But even still, it’s difficult to argue with what he’s saying.

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On top of having to deal with the Jets’ decades of disappointment, the team has also had to endure the success of their crosstown rivals, the New York Giants.

The Jets play second-fiddle to the Giants in New York and while many will insist that there isn’t a true rivalry between the franchises, it always stings to see the Giants find so much success — especially when the Jets continuously fall short.

The Jets deserve a Super Bowl title, or at least the fanbase does after staying loyal to their team after all these years.

Now, it isn’t exactly likely that we’ll see a Super Bowl appearance this season. The team looks improved on paper, but is certainly at least another offseason away from being considered true contenders.

That said, we could always hope and pray that we’re eventually rewarded for our years of dedication to this lovable, yet inept franchise.

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Many fanbases have suffered, but it’s safe to say that few have suffered more than the Jets. And as a result, we must agree with Baldinger in saying that this franchise deserves a Super Bowl.