NY Jets: 3 X-factors for the team on offense in 2020

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NY Jets

NY Jets (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images)

The success of the NY Jets’ offense in 2020 will rely on how these three players perform.

The offense was a wasteland for the NY Jets for the majority of the last decade. Other than a good 2010 and 2015, it’s been an eyesore to watch the Jets on the offensive side of the ball.

Obviously, these things can always change. Personnel changes are made, new players are brought in, and offenses begin to flourish.

Funny though, the Jets have undergone two full staff changes in the last 10 years, with countless new players brought in on offense. The one constant is the team’s continuous struggle to put together a good season.

They’ve had good defenses, no doubt. The 2019 Jets finished with a top-10 defense in football, and have had plenty of other good seasons on the defensive side of the ball. It isn’t enough though.

How many times over the last few years have you seen the team start with horrendous field position just to punt right from where they started? Thus pressuring the defense to make a stop and ultimately try holding the opposition to a field goal.

Good teams have great attacks on both sides of the ball, and the Jets desperately need to find themselves on the offensive side of the game.

There are several new faces on the Jets offense this season, and plenty of returning guys that are surely itching to find an identity.

Every team has an X-factor on each side of the ball. A player that the team needs to perform at a high level for the whole team to succeed. This is even more important with a team like the Jets, who really don’t have a huge playmaker on offense.

So who would the Jets X-factors be? To me, it’s going to be guys that can excel the offense on their own, and help Sam Darnold succeed and progress to the next level.

I guess I’m looking at X-factors on the team as guys who make Darnold’s job easier.

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