NY Jets: 3 possible trade scenarios for Jamal Adams

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NY Jets, Jamal Adams

NY Jets, Jamal Adams (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)

We look at some possible trade packages for NY Jets’ safety Jamal Adams

NY Jets safety Jamal Adams has been the subject of a plethora of trade rumors dating back to last year’s trade deadline. As of right now, a trade isn’t imminent, and there have been varying answers when those in the know have commented on the rumors.

Nonetheless, trades can happen at any moment in the NFL, whether they’re rumored to or not.

As a matter of fact, we learned back in the 2019 offseason that a general manager telling the media he isn’t trading a player doesn’t mean that player won’t be dealt. Of course, I’m referring to the Odell Beckham Jr. debacle with the New York Giants from last year.

The Jets and Adams aren’t necessarily at an impasse yet when it comes to negotiations of a new contract, but things could be headed that way if general manager Joe Douglas chooses to wait until next offseason to entertain an Adams extension.

We also aren’t at a point where a trade is imminent or even expected to happen, but it doesn’t hurt to take a look at a few deals that would make sense for both the Jets and a cooperating team that Jamal Adams could be dealt to.

Again, these are just some ideas of what a good Jamal Adams trade could look like for the Jets — not rumors.

Before I get into some of these rumors, it’s important to note that in recent days, SNY reporter Ralph Vacchiano stated that the team had no intention of trading Jamal Adams, and plan on paying him.

Ian Rapoport added that Adams is unlikely to get an extension anytime soon from the team. The question then becomes, does Adams have the patience to wait until next offseason for a contract, or will he hold out or demand a trade from the organization.

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Lastly, it’s been reported that the Jets are seeking at least a first and third-round pick for their star safety. Again that’s just a rumor, but it’s essentially all we have to base things off of.

As I said, trades can happen at any point, and if Joe Douglas gets the right offer, it wouldn’t shock me to see him pull the trigger on a deal. With that said, here are three possible trade scenarios for Jamal Adams

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