NY Jets: Joe Douglas is taking the right approach with Jamal Adams

NY Jets, Jamal Adams (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)
NY Jets, Jamal Adams (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images) /

NY Jets general manager Joe Douglas has created some headlines in recent weeks, but rest assured he’s handling the Jamal Adams situation the correct way.

NY Jets safety Jamal Adams has found himself at the forefront of trade rumors once again this week after reports surfaced that the team hadn’t reached out to him yet about a possible extension.

This led many to criticize the way that general manager Joe Douglas has handled the entire situation. However, in reality, nothing that has happened should be considered a new development.

The plan from the beginning was always for Douglas to touch base with Adams about an extension after the conclusion of the 2020 NFL Draft. He made that clear in his press conference earlier in the year, and he’s reiterated it once again.

Adams was never going to sign an extension before the draft — so that fact shouldn’t be concerning.

And despite the constant nit-picking of his words and sensationalizing of stories that just don’t exist, Douglas has actually handled the situation admirably.

He’s made it clear that Adams is and will continue to be a top priority of the organization. Douglas wants Adams to remain with the Jets for his entire career — he knows that the fanbase would want nothing more.

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But he’s also aware that football is a business and it’s important to think with your brain and not with your heart. He’s approaching the situation from a business perspective.

And the law of business states that you always hear out potential offers. Even if you have no intention to take them, it never hurts to listen.

And that’s precisely what Douglas is doing. Listening.

He’s walking a fine line between alienating his superstar and ignoring a possible outrageous trade offer. But to his credit, it’s fair to say that he’s walked that line without wavering.

Despite reports that the Jets could look to move Adams on draft day, Douglas has made it known that that’s not something he’s looking to do. But if a team were to swoop in and make a ridiculous offer, at least he’d have that offer in front of him.

Because let’s be honest, as much as we love Jamal Adams and as much as the value he brings to this team cannot be understated — every player has a price.

What’s Adams’ price? A high first-rounder? Two first-rounders? More? Who’s to say?

But Douglas wants to gauge possible interest and if an offer that’s too good to pass up arises, he might just take it. From a business perspective, this is smart. But the first-year general manager is also playing good by Adams by expressing his importance to the team.

In all likelihood, no offer will come close to what the Jets are asking for Adams. And once the draft comes and goes, the Jets could get to work on the well-deserved extension for their superstar safety.

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Some will criticize Douglas’ actions, but his words have been minced. He’s pushed all the right buttons to this point and he should be re-assuring faith in a fanbase that remains all too resistant to commitment.