NY Jets: Geno Smith fires back at Rex Ryan over unnecessary comment

NY Jets (Photo by Ron Antonelli/Getty Images)
NY Jets (Photo by Ron Antonelli/Getty Images) /

After former NY Jets head coach Rex Ryan took a shot at Geno Smith on ESPN’s First Take, the former Jets quarterback took to Twitter to fire back.

It’s been six years since Rex Ryan and Geno Smith worked together for the NY Jets. Yet, to this day, it appears they still are not a fan of one another.

On ESPN’s First Take on Wednesday, former Jets coach Rex Ryan made an unprecedented comment on his former quarterback, Geno Smith. When asked if his old rival, Bill Belichick, would have been successful if it weren’t for Tom Brady, here was his response:

"Give him Geno Smith … and let's see how many Super Bowls he would have won."

Rex Ryan to people who say Belichick would have been just as successful without Tom Brady. pic.twitter.com/3LsYOQblIj

— First Take (@FirstTake) April 8, 2020

Smith rightfully wasn’t happy with Ryan’s comments. He took to Twitter to respond and had quite a bit to say about his former coach.

Can’t say what I wanna say

— Geno (@GenoSmith3) April 8, 2020

My momma never liked dude he been a snake.. and y’all glorify it.. should’ve got fired after yr1.. truth is we won 8 games after ESPN had us winning two and he got his job back.. somehow I’m caught up in a feud and I’m the scapegoat.. Same guy that drafted me#TheBusiness

— Geno (@GenoSmith3) April 8, 2020

I could easily go on and on about the bs I see but truthfully I’m so happy I don’t even bother.. God put me in this position where even my enemies gotta mention my name.. so I just sit back and watch the show!

— Geno (@GenoSmith3) April 8, 2020

Where I’m from if a man talk about another man while that man isn’t present, a man don’t listen!

— Geno (@GenoSmith3) April 8, 2020

The 2014 Jets have miraculously found their way into the news twice in just a week, both times for the wrong reasons. Retired running back Chris Johnson tweeted earlier in the week about how he regretted choosing to sign a contract with the Jets and not signing with the Baltimore Ravens.

Ryan’s comment towards Smith was largely unnecessary. Ryan was the one who drafted him in the second round of the 2013 NFL Draft. The two combined for a record of 12-20 in their two seasons together.

Since joining ESPN, Ryan has become familiar with bashing NFL players. Earlier this week, he bashed Amari Cooper, childishly referring to him as a “turd.”

In 2017, when Smith replaced Eli Manning for a game during his tenure with the Giants, Ryan commented on the move to start Smith with the following.

“I love Geno Smith. Great guy. I just don’t want him playing quarterback for me.”

Ryan’s comments are childish at best. It is entirely unnecessary to throw any name into that statement, let alone a quarterback that you drafted and started for two seasons.

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Ryan is not hesitant to rip on players on television, and he struck again on his former quarterback.