New York Jets expected to keep Adam Gase per recent report

NY Jets (Photo by Todd Olszewski/Getty Images)
NY Jets (Photo by Todd Olszewski/Getty Images) /

The New York Jets are expected to retain head coach Adam Gase at least through 2020, per a recent report from ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

New York Jets head coach Adam Gase hasn’t enjoyed the most successful first season with his new team. And despite the team’s recent late-season surge, he’s come under his fair share of criticism.

But in spite of the myriad of criticism, it seems as though Gase’s job is safe for another year.

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Owner Christoper Johnson originally came out last month and gave Gase a vote of confidence stating that the first-year Jets coach would return in 2020.

This was despite the fact that the Jets were 1-7 at the time fresh off an embarrassing loss to the previously winless Miami Dolphins, Johnson put his faith in Gase and insisted that he was the right guy to lead the team going forward.

Safe to say Jets fans didn’t take the news too well.

For that reason, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that a recent report from ESPN’s Adam Schefter indicates that Gase’s job is still safe for next season.

The Jets have managed to go on a little late-season run winning a few games against some of the worst teams in the NFL. Still, their Week 16 and 17 victories over the Pittsburgh Steelers and Buffalo Bills clearly helped Gase’s case — even if he likely doesn’t deserve all of the credit.

Despite their 6-2 stretch to end the season, the Jets offense still finished ranked among the worst in the NFL in seemingly every category and they didn’t improve much at all over the final few weeks.

If anything, credit should be given mostly to Gregg Williams and the defense for carrying the Jets to victory and keeping them afloat after the season looked like a complete disaster.

Still, finishing 6-2 after the start the Jets had is no easy task so it’s certainly not a surprise that Gase will be retained for another season. The countless injuries and struggles from a poor offensive line certainly didn’t help Gase in his first season with the Jets.

But it’s hard to argue that he made the most of his resources either.

Regardless, Gase will be at the helm next season as the Jets enter what promises to be an offseason full of plenty of change.

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And even though the team’s roster will look very different, they will still have the same guy calling the shots at head coach.