New York Jets should target Tom Coughlin to be the team’s new head coach

New York Jets (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
New York Jets (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

I for one was all for Adam Gase getting some time to prove himself in another all but lost New York Jets season. However, it is not too often that a guy like Tom Coughlin becomes available.

The New York Jets have struggled with Adam Gase whose latest blowup with Sam Darnold raised some eyebrows. The Jacksonville Jaguars recently parted ways with  Tom Coughlin, which surprised quite a few fans around the NFL.

I used to think Gase should be kept for organizational stability purposes because it was unwise to keep hiring and firing, therefore making promising future face of the franchise Sam Darnold learn under a new coach each year.

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If the head coach is doing a terrible or mediocre job in his position, it just actually is nothing more than a complete waste of everyone’s time and a huge loss. It brings more hurt than help to keep a head coach who is not getting much done, even if it is indeed his first year.

Everyone has a job to do in the organization and should be held accountable if something goes wrong or if it is not done to the fullest.

Gase has zero accomplishments or reasons to fully qualify him to stay another year for Gang Green.

Gase should be replaced with Tom Coughlin, who may want to retire soon, even if it is just for another year or two. Coughlin has two Super Bowl victories with the New York Giants to brag about, therefore making him qualified as a coaching candidate to replace Gase.

Coughlin spent many strong years with the New York Giants organization before becoming the executive vice president of football operations in Jacksonville.

He was fired for his old fashioned way of keeping players in check. He’s 73-years-old and would be a good fit for the Jets because he would run a strict team code and have all of the players following team policies and rules, therefore reducing team drama.

According to several news stories emerging, Coughlin treated the Jaguars players “like children.”

Coughlin has been known to set the clocks back 5-to-15 minutes to ensure that his players arrived at the stadium on time. While many feel it a bit extreme, I feel it is smart and sets good standards.

That could be why you don’t see many Jaguars making headlines over dumb off the field situations either, which says a lot. The Jets could learn and benefit from a solid, stricter code of standards set by Coughlin, who doesn’t fool around or accept nonsense.

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It would be wise for the Jets to view Coughlin as a candidate, even if he is not a long-term solution to the Jets’ ever-existing coaching position woes.