New York Jets: Did Ed Reed just take a shot at Adam Gase?

New York Jets (Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)
New York Jets (Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images) /

New York Jets head coach Adam Gase may have been criticized by NFL legend Ed Reed in a cryptic video posted to the Hall of Famer’s Instagram.

New York Jets head coach Adam Gase has endured a rough first season with his new team. And despite ownership’s insistence that he will return next season, that hasn’t exactly stopped the criticism.

Rumors have emerged from various sources that Gase has lost the respect of the locker room and it’s hard to argue with the product we’ve seen on the field.

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The Jets have struggled to a 5-9 record to begin the 2019 season and while injuries have certainly played a part in their struggles, Gase undoubtedly deserves some of the blame. In fact, that 5-9 record doesn’t really tell the whole story.

Three of the Jets five wins have come against teams with a 3-11 record and this is also a team that has lost to the then-winless Miami Dolphins and winless Cincinnati Bengals.

Gase has shouldered much of the blame and it seems as though his shortcomings are evident to those who visit the team’s facilities.

NFL legend and Pro Football Hall of Fame safety Ed Reed visited the Jets’ facilities in Florham Park on Friday as the former Jets defensive back was in town to visit his former team.

Later that same day, Reed posted a cryptic video to his Instagram account where he spoke about people being gifted a job that they weren’t qualified for.

Here’s a look at the entire video.

Not all are qualified #nopics

A post shared by Ed Reed (@20twentyer) on

In that video, Reed says “just because you get a job and get a title, doesn’t mean you’re qualified to do that job.” He would then go on to state “some people don’t even know how to approach you, or to handle the gift they’ve been given.”

Despite not mentioning any specific names, many have speculated that this quote was about Gase. After all, this would seem to back up the various reports around the league and it doesn’t seem too far-fetched given what happened during Gase’s tenure in Miami.

Reed would later reply to another comment that read “#FireGase” with his own comment of “oh snap” which some have taken as an assurance that this is who Reed is talking about.

All of this is obviously speculation, but it does seem to add up.

And it’s also a bit odd that something like this has been swept under the rug in the way it has. Not trying to get all conspiracy theorist here, but it just seems like something the media would have eaten up.

Alas, nothing will likely come from this. But it does seem to shed a brighter light on Gase’s issues in Florham Park and how the players continue to grow frustrated with their ill-prepared coach.

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Perhaps stuff like this will eventually force owner Christopher Johnson to reconsider his decision. For the sake of New York Jets fans, let’s hope that it does.