New York Jets annihilated by the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday Night Football

New York Jets (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
New York Jets (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) /

The New York Jets were expectedly annihilated on Thursday Night Football against a superior Baltimore Ravens team by a final score of 42-21.

The New York Jets walked into M&T Bank Stadium on Thursday night fully knowing what to expect. And those watching at home — whether Jets fans or not — knew exactly what was going to happen.

So to see the outcome that we saw shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. But that doesn’t mean it was any less dreadful to watch.

The Jets were absolutely trounced by the Ravens in every imaginable way. Baltimore walloped the Jets to the tune of a 42-21 game made possible by five Lamar Jackson passing touchdowns and 298 total yards.

It was a typical Ravens game and in many ways, it was a typical Jets game.

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The Jets offense actually looked respectable in the first half despite only managing seven points. Sam Darnold looked sharp despite playing with the likes of Daniel Brown, Vyncint Smith, and Braxton Berrios as some of his top skill players.

The second-year signal-caller had two blunders on the day, although the first of which was an interception seemingly caused by a miscommunication between him and Brown. However, the second — a fumble — cannot be blamed on anyone else.

That said, it was easily Darnold’s best primetime game of the season even if that isn’t saying very much.

Predictably, the Jets defense struggled to contain Jackson as seemingly every defense has this season. A once stout run defense is a shell of its former self with Jamal Adams among others missing from action.

And that’s the thing. The Jets were already a vastly inferior team to the Ravens, this much was already certain. But the issue was exacerbated by the ridiculous number of injuries the Jets were dealing with.

The Jets were starting the likes of Blessuan Austin, Maurice Canady, James Burgess, and Darryl Roberts (at safety) in this game. Imagine being told that at the start of the season.

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And on offense, the Jets were left with their third-string tight end and players like the aforementioned Vyncint Smith, Braxton Berrios, and Jeff Smith at wide receiver behind Robby Anderson and Jamison Crowder.

The Jets were already the worse team, but the injuries just made it unfair.

If there are any positive takeaways from the game it’s that the offensive line mostly held up against a pretty impressive Ravens front-seven and that the special teams continue to shine.

Apart from Sam Ficken‘s rough day, the Jets saw a blocked punt by Tarell Basham returned for a touchdown by B.J. Bello and numerous solid returns from the likes of Berrios, Ty Montgomery, and Vyncint Smith.

If any coach is the MVP of this season — perhaps aside from Gregg Williams — it’s special teams coordinator Brant Boyer.

The Jets will have a few extra days to rest up before their matchup next Sunday with the Pittsburgh Steelers which is very much needed given the state of the roster.

Hopefully the Jets could finish strong with some respectable performances against two playoff-caliber teams in the Steelers and the Buffalo Bills. We’re not even looking for wins, just competitive games.

And of course, the play of Darnold remains most important.

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But on Thursday, Jets fans got exactly what they were expecting — a one-sided massacre. Nothing more, nothing less.