New York Jets are expected to listen to offers for Le’Veon Bell in 2020

NY Jets, Le'Veon Bell (Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images)
NY Jets, Le'Veon Bell (Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images) /

Rumors have re-emerged that the New York Jets will look to trade star running back Le’Veon Bell during the upcoming offseason. Here are the details.

The New York Jets made a huge deal last offseason, signing Le’Veon Bell to a four year, $52 million deal.13 games into his Jets career, his future with the team is in jeopardy.

Multiple reports have come out saying that the Jets will look to move the star running back in the offseason following a disappointing 2019 season.

What a disaster.

This isn’t the first time Bell’s name has come up in trade talks. The Jets reportedly had interest in moving him at the trade deadline earlier in the year, but their asking price was too high. His play hasn’t improved since then, and it seems inevitable that the Jets will try and trade him this offseason.

Adam Gase and former general manager Mike Maccagnan were at odds over giving Bell a big contract last offseason. Gase was against paying big money for a running back, but Maccagnan went and made the deal anyway. This season proved Gase to be the correct person in that situation.

As talented as Bell is, he isn’t a fit for the Jets offense.

His patient running style is inefficient behind a terrible offensive line, and Gase has struggled to find ways to open up the game for Bell. Bilal Powell’s explosive running style has proven to be more effective in the Jets scheme. Powell has averaged 3.9 yards per carry compared to Bell’s 3.2.

A more open-minded head coach probably would have found better ways to use Bell’s skillset by now. He’s prospered when used as a receiver, but we haven’t seen much of that.

Gase’s offense has hindered Bell significantly, who was one of the most dynamic players in football on the Pittsburgh Steelers. He’s still got plenty of gas in the tank, and it’s going to waste under Gase.

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Good football rosters aren’t built financially the way the Jets’ roster is. Spending over $21 million at the middle linebacker position, $13 million at running back, and possibly a ton of money at the safety position this coming offseason isn’t a recipe for success. It’s a recipe for a broken roster, which is exactly what Maccagnan built in his four years in the big apple.

If the Jets want to fix their offensive line, strengthen their receiving core and revamp their cornerbacks while still being able to pay guys like Jamal Adams and Sam Darnold in the future, significant changes have to be made.

Unfortunately, in an offense like Gase’s, an expensive running back is more than likely to be one of the many cap casualties the Jets will suffer this offseason.

A few weeks ago on the Flight Deck Podcast with Rich Cimini of ESPN, he suggested the team could get around a third-round pick for Bell (it could be a higher or lower pick depending on how much of his salary the team ate in a proposed deal).

This week Cimini updated the Bell odds of returning at a slim 30-70 margin on his podcast.

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At the trade deadline, the known suitors for Bell were the Green Bay Packers, Kansas City Chiefs, and shockingly the Pittsburgh Steelers. Jets fan could expect a similar, if not the same group to be involved in trade talks with New York in the offseason.