New York Jets: Adam Gase deserves time to prove himself

NY Jets (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images)
NY Jets (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images) /

New York Jets head coach Adam Gase has been heavily scrutinized, but he deserves more time to prove himself given the hand that he’s been dealt.

The New York Jets have had their share of misfortunes at head coach. It’s been a real struggle to find someone who is a long-term reliable option to control and manage a group of players who have potential but also struggle far too often.

They’ve become a team that hires and fires every few years. That’s not a good way of life for any professional football team or any pro sports team in general.

Enter Adam Gase, who has not been great this season — but not absolutely terrible — and has led a 4-8 team to a few impressive wins this year. They beat the Dallas Cowboys handily, then lost their next matchup. They had a nice three-game win streak which led fans to ease up on Gase.

The team he has is struggling with injuries and now a team-wide flu bug, which isn’t his fault. Gase can only control the plays he calls, which he’s tried his best with the group of guys remaining in front of him.

It’s not easy to get a struggling team motivated when the core is all out and several stars are injured and underperforming. The best Gase can do is hope that the drawing board plan goes as followed and practice pays off when he calls the plays in action.

It seems like the plays are set but they get misunderstood or botched on the field, which also is why fans were calling for Gase to be removed in just his first year.

This is Gase’s first year with the Jets. I personally think half of the blame falls on him and half on the team. Injuries happen to anyone, so to fire a first-year coach plagued by injuries is a little drastic.

Give him a year or two more to have a healthier team. If he fails to execute plans with a healthy roster, it’s definitely time to send him packing and find someone better.

If the Jets aren’t better in three years, by all means, it’s time to move on from Adam Gase. At the end of the day, Gase has things that are way beyond out of his control.

He might have new players next year that will do him some justice and that gives him less of an excuse if they are healthier than this group of players.

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Patience is a virtue, and who knows if the next man up would do any better if the injuries were an issue, which it always seems to be.