New York Jets: Boomer Esiason accuses Jerry Jones of tampering

Former New York Jets quarterback Boomer Esiason accused Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones of tampering. Here are all the details.

One of the biggest storylines of a crazy 2019 season for the New York Jets happened right before the NFL trade deadline.

Seemingly out of nowhere the Jets’ best player safety Jamal Adams was reportedly on the block and multiple reporters said it would be surprising if he was still a member of the team after the deadline.

It sent Jets fans into a spiral and even after the deadline came and went without Jamal being dealt, the damage was done.

Adams was miffed the organization would even take calls on him. Jamal even went as far as to put himself in the Aaron Donald, Tom Brady category of players who should be on a no trade list.

It forced the organization to go full damage control with general manager Joe Douglas and head coach Adam Gase.

So who ultimately is to blame for this mess? Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says former Jets quarterback Boomer Esiason.

On the Flight Deck Podcast with ESPN’s Rich Cimini, Boomer flat out accused Jerry of meddling in places that he shouldn’t have been:

“I don’t trust Jerry Jones. He recruits players that are under contract with other teams by leaking potential trades to the media. That’s just plain wrong. He did it with Earl Thomas when he was with the Seattle Seahawks and I believe he did it with Jamal Adams and the Jets. It put the Seahawks and the Jets in a bad spot. Then the players react because they’re emotional and they don’t get it. Suddenly social media is all over them.

This is as Jerry says, ‘dropping chum in the water’ and that chum he dropped in the water is negatively affecting the opposing fan base, the player, and of course the front office.

Joe Douglas took calls on Jamal Adams and that’s his job, but he didn’t leak that information to you or any other member of the media and he would never do that. The only reason someone would do that is to put pressure on the other team to do something. Joe Douglas wouldn’t do that, Dave Gettleman wouldn’t do that, but Jerry Jones and his merry men in Dallas do it all the time which is a disgrace in the NFL.”

The New York Jets and the Dallas Cowboys played in Week 6 at MetLife Stadium and likely that’s where some of the conversations started between Douglas and Jerry. Sadly what happens in MetLife didn’t stay in MetLife.

While the beef was eventually squashed publicly between Jamal and the Jets brass, there’s still an underlying feeling that Adams could be dealt this offseason.

Boomer finished off his rant by telling Rich Cimini that “all of this is because of Jerry Jones and I hope Jets fans know that.”