New York Jets: Jamal Adams vows to break single-season sack record

NY Jets, Jamal Adams (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)
NY Jets, Jamal Adams (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images) /

New York Jets safety Jamal Adams has vowed to break the single-season sack record for a defensive back which is set at eight. And at this point, who’s going to argue with him?

New York Jets safety Jamal Adams has quickly emerged as not only one of the best players at this position, but one of the very best players overall in the entire NFL.

And when he speaks, people tend to listen. It doesn’t matter if he’s speaking to his teammates, fans, or reporters, people simply gravitate towards him.

That’s why when Adams vowed to reporters on Wednesday that he would break the single-season sack record for a defensive back this season, people took him for his word. After all, is anyone really going to disagree?

Adams currently leads the team in tackles, tackles for loss, QB hits, forced fumbles pass breakups, and, of course, sacks. And his sack production in recent weeks has been off the charts.

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All six of those six sacks have gone in the last three weeks with five of them coming in the last two games. Adams became the first Jets defensive back in history and one of only eight in NFL history to record three sacks in a game this past week against the Washington Redskins.

Another game like that and he’ll have the record all to himself.

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The current single-season record for a defensive back was set by safety Adrian Wilson of the Arizona Cardinals back in 2005. With six games to play, Adams only needs two to tie.

This isn’t the first time that Adams has made a promise regarding his play. After a rookie season that saw him fail to make the Pro Bowl, Adams vowed that he would never miss another Pro Bowl in his career.

He followed that up with a trip to Hawaii last January qualifying for his first Pro Bowl and he’s well on his way to another berth this season. Again, when he speaks, people listen, and this is likely one of the primary reasons why.

He backs up everything that he says.

Eight sacks is an incredibly impressive feat for any player, let alone a defensive back who is in coverage the majority of the time. For context sake, Adams rushed the passer just 13 times this past Sunday, yet he still got to the quarterback three of those times.

It’s a challenging task, but at this point, how could you doubt Adams? The simple answer is, you can’t.

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Jamal Adams will have six weeks to rewrite the NFL record books and make his mark on football history.