New York Jets: The cons of signing Colin Kaepernick

New York Jets (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
New York Jets (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images) /

The New York Jets are one of several teams set to work out Colin Kaepernick. However, there are a variety of reasons why he would be a bad fit for the team.

Colin Kaepernick has been out of the NFL for three years and now is coming back. The NFL set up a workout date for the over 24 teams — including the New York Jets — that want to evaluate his talent at this stage.

The skill is undeniable, but the length of the time he has been out worries a lot of teams. The Jets have been plagued at the backup quarterback position this year. Trevor Siemian played mediocre until he got injured and Luke Falk was so bad that he got cut.

At face, it would seem like a great idea to sign Kaepernick right away, but there are many reasons why he could plague the future of the team.

The former 2012 NFC champion is a major distraction in the locker room no matter what your opinion is on his strong message. The Jets have had issues in the past with the locker room, especially with the poor way Gase manages it.

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Kaepernick could possibly divide the locker room, making a struggling team receive more attention then it deserves at a miserable time. The increased media attention could create more of a storm than it is worth.

It can also bring up more attention to other problems on the team, such as the Jamal Adams situation and management at the top. Nothing good can come from extra media attention this year.

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Even if the locker room issue is overblown there is no guarantee that he is in his former form. The obvious answer to this question would be to check out his workout, but a player can potentially look much better in workouts than when a 300-pound defensive lineman is chasing him during a game.

Nothing can mimic the pressure and the intensity of playing in an actual NFL game, so he will be rusty no matter how good he may have been before.

The scrambling abilities might not be as lethal as before, considering he has taken so much time off, which takes away a vital part of his game.

The running ability can be there, but even if it is the Jets offensive line is so bad that he will be running for his life every play. The Jets need a backup quarterback that can be a good leader and is more of a classic pocket passer, much like Darnold.

A mobile quarterback that has accuracy issues is a recipe for disaster for an organization that has been abysmal offensively for most of the year.

The prospect of signing Kaepernick sounds reasonable on paper, but after evaluating the risks, it is clear his issues outweigh any possible benefits.

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If a player could divide a locker room, causes drama, and has questionable abilities, then he is not fit to play backup quarterback in a struggling organization that needs to stay away from any additional media attention.