New York Jets: Christopher Johnson will reportedly “remain patient” with Adam Gase

New York Jets (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
New York Jets (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

New York Jets owner Christopher Johnson is expected to “remain patient” with head coach Adam Gase, per a recent report from ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

The New York Jets have been an absolute trainwreck through eight games this season. And while some of their struggles have come from external misfortune, it seems pretty clear that head coach Adam Gase is among the biggest things holding the team back.

But apparently ownership doesn’t believe that to be the case. Or at least, they aren’t willing to admit it just yet.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported on Saturday that team owner Christopher Johnson is expected to “remain patient” with Gase. In Schefter’s words, the Jets do not believe that it’s fair to judge Gase based on eight games with an injury-plagued roster.

Per Schefter, “the Jets believe the situation will sort itself out.”

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In the report, Schefter compared the Jets’ current situation to the one the Dallas Cowboys were in earlier this season. Many fans were calling for head coach Jason Garrett to be fired only for his detractors to be silenced following two consecutive wins.

“The Jets are hoping to do the same,” reported Schefter.

Where to even begin with this report? Let’s start by clarifying one thing.

The 1-7 mess that the Jets find themselves in is not entirely Adam Gase’s fault, although many might claim that it is. Injuries have decimated a roster that was poorly constructed by previous regimes, to begin with.

Gase didn’t make Sam Darnold come down with mononucleosis. He didn’t force the team to enter the season with Trumaine Johnson and Darryl Roberts starting at cornerback.

That said, he is still one of the foremost issues plaguing this team.

There is absolutely no excuse that could justify the Jets’ performance this season. While the roster isn’t one of the most talented in the league, nearly every player on the team has regressed this season under the guidance of Gase.

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I mean honestly, which players have gotten better from this year to the last? Folorunso Fatukasi? Neville Hewitt? I guess Brian Poole has been a pleasant surprise at slot cornerback.

But how about on offense? Has any player even looked close to as good as they looked last season? We’re not exactly setting a high bar either — last season’s team went 4-12 and lost nine of their last 10 games.

Most importantly, Darnold has regressed under the leadership of Gase. The man who was supposedly hired to curate the development of the hopeful franchise savior has done more damage than could have ever been imagined.

To the point where firing him mid-season and asking Darnold to learn a new offense in the middle of the year might be doing less damage to the young quarterback that retaining his current coach would.

Yes, the offensive line is an absolute mess — surely not helped by an inept coaching staff. Sure, injuries have been a major issue. And yeah, the roster wasn’t very good, to begin with.

But this kind of output is unacceptable. There are no circumstances in which an NFL team should be putting out this product.

Unfortunately, it appears that nearly losing by double-digits to the Miami Dolphins and consistently being the quintessential image of dysfunction hasn’t been enough to sway ownership on the subject.

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Buckle up Jets fans, we may be in for another year of Adam Gase at the helm.