New York Jets: Offensive grades for Week 9 loss to the Miami Dolphins

New York Jets (Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images)
New York Jets (Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images) /

The New York Jets played one of the worst offensive games of the year against the Miami Dolphins in Week 9. Here are our offensive grades for the team’s abysmal performance.

No words can describe the humiliating performance the New York Jets put together this Sunday against the Miami Dolphins. Yes, the Jets lost to the 0-7 Dolphins, who many think are trying to “tank” to get the number one pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

The man responsible for a large portion of the inadequate offensive production is head Adam Gase. Most believed he would get the offense together for this game especially considering Miami was the team that fired him on his journey that eventually led to New York.

The team struggled mightily offensively, but the play-calling was even worse. For a large part of the game, quarterback Sam Darnold threw the ball on top of the line of scrimmage, making the whole game based on yards after catch, which is not a winning formula for any team.

This performance by the offense dug coach Gase in an even deeper hole, maybe so deep that he cannot get out of.  It would make numerous Jets fans ecstatic if he were to get fired and this team performance puts him well on his way.

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Darnold played an awful game to make the offensive situation look even worse. One pass he threw fluttered in the air and right into a cornerback’s hands, although he was trying to throw the ball away.

The only reason he couldn’t get it out of bounds was the awful offensive line that even the Miami pass rush could get pressure against.

The past few games, the historically bad offensive line and offensive line coach Frank Pollack have been grilled by reporters covering the team and looked to recover against the Miami Dolphins.

Somehow the numbers went down this past Sunday, allowing pressure to get through when the Dolphins were only rushing four.

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All Darnold could ask for is a couple of seconds in the pocket to dissect the defense, but he cannot even get that. Constant pressure is the kryptonite for a young quarterback and Darnold succumbed to the heat with now eight interceptions in the past three games alone.

Not to mention, the receivers could not get open all game besides the first drive. Robby Anderson got locked down all game and the few times he was open, Darnold could not get him the pass accurately.

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Finally, I can get to discussing some of the surprising offensive performances by impressive players during this game.

One of the few bright spots of the game was Jamison Crowder who finished with eight catches for 83 yards and a touchdown. He continues to shine with the undeniable chemistry between him and Darnold.

When both players are healthy, they represent a lethal duo, which is something the Jets have been looking for forever.

Ryan Griffin certainly has made his case to stay in the offensive gameplan even once Chris Herndon returns from injury. He caught six passes for 50 yards and had a great catch called back for lack of possession in the back of the endzone.

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The overall offensive performance was atrocious in a 26-18 loss to the Dolphins and this is just another reason Gase should be fired. The organization is in a terrible place as a whole, but without the focus on the offensive line, the Jets aren’t going anywhere.

Final Grade: D-