The New York Jets must begin the rebuilding process now

New York Jets (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)
New York Jets (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images) /

The New York Jets have struggled to a disappointing 1-6 start and with every passing week, it’s becoming more clear that the rebuilding process must start now.

Many people surrounding sports have an issue with a team “tanking,” but are optimistic when teams try to rebuild. The New York Jets are in a situation where they have two Pro Bowl-caliber players in Le’Veon Bell and C.J. Mosley, which allow them to rebuild around a solid foundation.

The Jets have already gotten a head start by dealing Leonard Williams to the New York Giants at the trade deadline for a third and future fifth-round pick that can change to a fourth-round pick if he is signed to a contract.

The Jets are shopping Robby Anderson, but he is hard to get rid of because of the high asking price. Gang Green denied the Philadelphia Eagles’ offer of a fourth-round pick last year, saying that it was too little.

These two moves are a start for the rebuild, but it now needs a complete rebuild rather than trying to get veterans to win now.

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The acquisition of Ryan Kalil looked good at the beginning of the season because of his history as a good player, but he is a veteran that said he wanted to play one year. These are not players a team that is rebuilding would get, as it serves no purpose to the long-term future of the team.

Quarterback Sam Darnold is having trouble throwing seven interceptions in his past two games, so in the future, the Jets will need to develop the offense around him.

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The Jets need to acquire more draft picks to add weapons around Darnold and with a potentially high pick in the upcoming draft, there are opportunities for star wideouts such as Alabama’s Jerry Jeudy or Oklahoma’s CeeDee Lamb.

It is of high importance for the organization to recognize this season’s window for success has closed at 1-6. The more time focused on assets that could be required, the better the team is in the long run.

The unique part of the Jets situation is that for a rebuilding team, they have many pieces that will stick.

Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye are both safeties that the Jets drafted. If the team can get any talent close to these two around Darnold in the draft, then the team will win many games in the near future next season.

There is no number one receiver on the team that can get clear separation which gives Darnold trouble in situations where the opposing team brings pressure.

The Jets need to pounce on any opportunities they can get to receive more picks to continue the success in developing pieces that came from the draft.

Gang Green is not afraid to get critical pieces in the offseason, as shown by the Mosley and Bell signings, but it is evident that pieces need to develop around them.

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It’s time to find the balance between trying to win games and rebuilding to make sure the team is better for next year with playoff hopes dwindling fast.