New York Jets don’t make any trades at the deadline, but the damage is done

NY Jets, Jamal Adams (Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images)
NY Jets, Jamal Adams (Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images) /

The New York Jets decided not to make any trades at the deadline despite plenty of trade discussions that dominated the NFL rumor mill for hours on Tuesday.

Breathe easy New York Jets fans. Today is over and with that, the Jets will embark on a new journey tomorrow — a journey filled with pretty much the same faces that already occupied the roster.

On paper, nothing changed on Tuesday.

The Jets still have the same players under contract that they did at the start of the day. Robby Anderson is still with the team. The same goes for Le’Veon Bell. And most importantly, the same could be said for Jamal Adams.

But in reality, change has occurred. More change than can be imagined.

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Despite the fact that the Jets didn’t decide to deal any players following the trade of Leonard Williams on Monday, the team has unloaded some baggage that will be impossible to re-pack.

The Jets openly tried to trade away some of the best players on their roster within a four-hour span. All reports indicated that the team was open for a full-on fire sale of every player not named Sam Darnold or Quinnen Williams.

That included Bell and that included Adams.

If reports are to be believed, it was Adams who expressed a desire to leave New York and head home to play in Dallas. And if so, that’s evidence of the damage that has been done by this franchise.

After years of incompetence and misery, the Jets managed to drive away one of the single most competitive, high-character players to ever step foot on an NFL field. Adams may want out of this terrible organization.

And who can blame him?

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Even if it was the Jets that instigated the trade talks, the damage has unfortunately already been done. Adams either wants out or he knows that the Jets don’t see him as a long-term building block.

With nine games still remaining in this woeful season, how does this roster return to the locker room this week and simply move on from what almost happened? Joe Douglas and company nearly decimated the roster within a few hours.

Sure no moves were ultimately made, but the intent was clear. It’s now evident who the front office sees as future building blocks for this franchise moving forward.

And the answer is, not many. In fact, only two players apparently.

Even though a trade may not have been made, the issue with Adams is far from resolved. He’ll be eligible for a contract extension this offseason and it looks as though the Jets don’t intend to pay the hefty price tag that it will take to keep him around.

The deadline has passed for now but the clock will begin ticking again at the start of the new league year. And come early 2020, we’ll likely see the issues arise once more.

Adams doesn’t seem long for New York which is a phrase that few thought would be uttered at the beginning of the season. As awful as it may sound, it seems inevitable that he’ll be traded before long.

The Jets narrowly avoided disaster on Tuesday but it’s only a matter of time before disaster rears its ugly head once again.

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Unfortunately, the damage has been done.