Adam Gase might be fired before his season is over


After a miserable 0-4 start, are we sure that Adam Gase is the answer the New York Jets were looking for as a head coach? Will he even survive the season?

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Things are going so badly for the New York Jets right now. Yes, they’ll be getting back starting quarterback Sam Darnold this week, but he has missed the last month as he is recovering from mononucleosis. All the while, Gang Green has gone winless in its first four games this season. This was not the start head coach Adam Gase wanted in his first year in the Big Apple. Will he survive?

On this week’s episode of Stacking the Box, FanSided‘s Matt Verderame, Josh Hill and Mark Carman look at all that has gone wrong for the Jets thus far and if Gase will even get to finish coaching out his first year with the Jets (53:10).

“I’ll continue to say this until the end of time, I really think Adam Gase might need to go,” said Verderame. “The only reason I don’t think he’s fired in-season is because it is his first year and it’s a horrible look for a franchise to fire a first-year head coach in-season.”

The guys would debate who could get fired mid-season, with Verderame thinking it could be the Atlanta Falcons’ Dan Quinn. Carman hasn’t been impressed with what Mike Zimmer has done with the Minnesota Vikings this season. Verderame wouldn’t be shocked if it’s The Jim Tomsula Show at some point with the Washington Redskins if interim Bill Callahan doesn’t work out there.

The native New Yorker Verderame would go on to say this about Gase regarding the rabid New York media market, “they hated that hire the second it was made. That thing has been nothing but downhill since. They’re atrocious. That thing SCREAMS of 13 games and fire him.” Wow. Talk about dysfunction that is only rivaled by whatever it is we’ve seen in the nation’s capital.

So will the Jets fire Gase mid-season? It may be a terrible fit, but let’s hope not. The Jets can’t be on its third different head coach in less than a year. Yes, rush-hiring Gase after he failed with the division rival Miami Dolphins was odd, but you have to give the guy some time to see if he can make it work with Darnold as the Jets’ starting quarterback.

If Darnold struggles in year two and can’t seem to get back to good after his bout with mono, then maybe the Jets need to find themselves a new head coach. Gase has a track record of doing well with quarterbacks, but his stand-offish personality isn’t going to win over fans in the New York media any time soon. Will he provide stability or will the whole ball of yarn completely unravel?

Here are a few other topics that were discussed on this week’s episode of Stacking the Box:

  • Hiring Freddie Kitchens was Plan B for the Cleveland Browns (2:10).
  • A breakdown of the dysfunction in Washington (15:42).
  • Are the Oakland Raiders a playoff team (45:35)?
  • Will Quinn be the next head coach fired (52:00)?

All this and more!

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