New York Jets: A controversial strategy for the New England Patriots game

New York Jets Kelechi Osemele (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
New York Jets Kelechi Osemele (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

The New York Jets are set to take on the New England Patriots this Sunday is what appears to be a near-impossible game. Here is a controversial strategy to combat these longshot odds.

This season for the New York Jets has spiraled out of control in a shockingly brief amount of time.

From the seemingly impossible loss to the Buffalo Bills to Sam Darnold falling ill under the “middle school kissing disease,” there is little to no hope for Jets fans across the country. Far too many fans have already given up and canceled this team’s season.

With the position that this team is in right now, a trip to Foxborough could not be coming at a worse time. Or is this the perfect time for the Jets to wipe this one off of the schedule?

In my opinion, this is absolutely the best time for this game to happen. The Jets need to hunker down and accept that they are starting this season 0-3. The key to coming out on top of this game is “hunkering down.”

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The gameplan for this week HAS to be none other than saving and conserving what weapons we do have left. It’s time to step back, take a deep breath, and reload this week.

Let’s roll out a Jets preseason team, get steamrolled, and turn around with a completely reloaded roster. Limit Le’Veon Bell‘s carries and wisely choose where to roll out our teams biggest weapons that are available on Sunday.

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Look forward, reload, and get focused on the future.

Let’s pray that head coach Adam Gase chooses to set his sights on the greater good on this season as a whole, instead of risking losing more the health of more of the team’s players in Sunday’s game against the Super-Bowl-favorite New England Patriots.

Is it a noble strategy? Not at all, but the team has to resort to extremes in hopes that they can salvage at least something positive out of this season.

Let’s get C.J. Mosley and Sam Darnold back and look forward to Dallas. Forget Philadelphia, let’s refocus and look to start over the season over against Dallas at home.

In no way is this blog encouraging, but I desperately want to see this Jets team finish on a high note under what I believe is a good head coach in the worst of situations.

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So, Jets fans, let us reload, reset, and get focused on the future.