Jets’ new uniforms: Check out these fan concept designs

The New York Jets won’t unveil their new uniforms until Thursday, but fans have been passing the time by creating their own concept ideas.

After 20 years of their updated yet retro look, the New York Jets are making a big change with new uniforms for the 2019 season.

The green-and-white duds the Jets have donned since 1998 will be giving way to a new generation of on-field attire.

While the team’s official unveiling won’t happen until Thursday night, that hasn’t stopped creative fans from putting their own spin on how the team’s new uniforms should look:

If these designs are any indication, fans may be somewhat divided on what they want from this uniform change. While some prefer yet another round of paying homage to past looks, others are clearly ready for some more futuristic threads. Either way, it’s fun to see fans combining their creative talents with their passion for the Jets.

Adding to the suspense, this year’s NFL draft caps have been put on sale in the league’s official shop, but the Jets appear to be the only team missing. That appears to suggest a fairly significant change to the team’s logo.

What about you, Jets fans? Do you want the Jets to go retro again with a throwback look that resembles their green-helmeted set from the 80s and 90s? Or should the Jets blast into the future with a bold new look that reflects the next generation?

Personally, I’m partial to the first set on this list. Give me those alternates with the stealth-looking black helmets all day long.