Super Bowl Parties 2018: How to throw an awesome bash

LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 05: Revellers drink Erdinger beer at The Erdinger Oktoberfest London at Greenwich Peninsula on October 5, 2017 in London, England. (Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images)
LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 05: Revellers drink Erdinger beer at The Erdinger Oktoberfest London at Greenwich Peninsula on October 5, 2017 in London, England. (Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images) /

Every year, the Super Bowl is always about great football, friends, family, and throwing an awesome party. Here’s how to throw an awesome bash that includes everyone from die-hard football fans to even kids.

It’s that time of year again! While many believe Super Bowl Sunday should be a national holiday, expect to see a lot of parties be available to pick and choose from leading up to the big game to celebrate. If you want to throw your own awesome bash, it’s a lot of work but ultimately would result in being the talk of all your friends and family so here are some tips on how to do it right!

Make a list of how many people are 100 percent confirmed to attend. It’s important to have an accurate headcount to make sure you have enough places to sit, and of course, enough food and drinks for everyone that’s set to come. Ideally, you want to start getting confirmations the day before but make sure to add about five more spots just in case.

The reason being, you never know when an unexpected friend, co-worker, or even if someone brings their cousin or child could pop up. Super Bowl LII starts at 6:30 p.m. Eastern Time on Sunday, February 4th, 2018 and is between the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots. If you’re a fellow New Yorker like I am, I know that this matchup is a horrific one.

On one side you have the hated rival of the New York Jets in the Patriots and the despised archnemesis of the New York Giants in the Eagles. It’s okay, though. At the end of the day, we’re all fans of football and even if you have guests that don’t really care who wins the big game, you can still have an awesome bash by thoroughly planning out the kind of party you want.

Make a football-themed itinerary that you can share with those guests attending to let them know what food will be available and of course, drinks. If you want something quick and easy, offer different kinds of pizza and chicken wings as the main course. Have bowls of various snacks available like popcorn, potato chips, corn chops, and even nachos with different dips. You know, easy finger foods that everyone will enjoy. Speaking of which, if you want an epic sausage dip, check out this recipe.

For drinks, make sure to have a variety of beer, soda, water bottles, and if you plan to be a bartender or even have one set up for the big game, all the materials needed for mixed drinks. Remember, variety is key for everyone attending so guests will at least have one or two things they’d know they would enjoy drinking.

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All throughout your home, make sure to have lots of large garbage bags around so guests can throw away their plates, cups, and everything else in between. Speaking of which, paper plates and paper cups will undoubtedly be your best friend for your Super Bowl bash. It’s an easier cleanup at the end, trust me on that.

Besides food, drinks, and your big screen TV to watch Super Bowl LII, in your itinerary, make sure to mention the kind of music and games that will go down. Not everyone will be a metalhead like yours truly so make sure to have easy-listening music that’s low in the background and not too loud to disturb those that are talking or playing games. If your entire bash is filled with diehard football fans, sports radio is the best option to have in the background due to all their pre-game Super Bowl LII coverage.

Now, no party is complete without fun and interactive games for all. Make sure to have a few drinking games (a shot of 151 for every penalty called), trivia every hour on the hour (like who won Super Bowl XXXIV), or one of my personal favorites, a big bet.

A fun game I do every year when I throw a Super Bowl bash is bet on the final score and winner of the big game. Get a large Ziploc bag so it’ll look great when filled with money and have everyone throw $20 that wants to play into it. Have everyone that is participating write down on a piece of paper who they believe will win and a prediction of the final score. Have them put their name on it and whoever gets the absolute closest to it, wins the entire bag of cash.

No football party is complete without having a football or two around to toss with friends. While it’s not recommended to throw a real football indoors, if you have a backyard or hallway, that’s the ideal place to toss the football around. If you’re also a gamer like I am and have multiple televisions in your home, make sure to set up a Madden area so guests can play against each other. You might also want to set up a tournament with a bracket and everything with the winner being able to choose where they sit when the big game is on.

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Overall, have fun and make sure your bash has a little bit of something for everyone. From good food, drinking games, tossing the football, and great conversations about football, a Super Bowl party is always a fun time for all. Make sure to include everyone in conversations as it’s important to not leave anyone out due to their lack of football knowledge. Even if they have no idea who Tom Brady is or what is a two-point conversion, simply ask people who they think will win between two teams.