Oakland Raiders beat New York Jets: Week 2 Defensive grades

OAKLAND, CA - SEPTEMBER 17: Marshawn Lynch
OAKLAND, CA - SEPTEMBER 17: Marshawn Lynch /

The New York Jets left Oakland with another loss to the Raiders in their final regular season game at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum.

The defense was supposed to be the backbone of the New York Jets in 2017. They were supposed to be far ahead of the offense at this point. However, calling this defense bad would be an insult to bad defenses everywhere.

This defense was totally outmatched and outplayed for the second consecutive week. They were run over by the Raiders rushing attack. For the second straight week they gave up more than 175 yards to the team, and this week they allowed three rushing touchdowns.

The secondary wasn’t much better. They gave up 230 receiving yards, and Derek Carr had a field day with them. The entire day Carr only had five incompletions and had three touchdowns of his own (all to Michael Crabtree).

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All in all, the Jets allowed 21 first downs and 410 total yards of offense. Even though the Raiders may do that to a lot of teams this season, that’s not acceptable.

The defense was put in a bad spot by the special teams unit at the end of the first half. That changed the complexion of the game because the Jets had forced punts on back-to-back drives prior to the punt. However, that’s no excuse for the poor performance in the second half.

The Jets didn’t lack effort in this game. They got it from many players. The Raiders offense was just that much better than the Jets on this particular Sunday. There were some good plays but unfortunately for the Jets, you can probably count them on one hand.

There are many adjectives that can describe how the Jets played defense on Sunday. Some of those may include words that aren’t fit for print. They took a huge step back and were outclassed by a better team.

Week 2 Defensive Grade: D