The one player who can’t fail in 2017

The most important player on the New York Jets in 2017 is Jamal Adams, and if he fails, the team will fail.

The potential of Jamal Adams heading into his rookie season with the New York Jets is through the roof. He’s talented enough to be in the running for Defensive Rookie of the Year due to his incredible talent. He’s also capable of being the linchpin to the defense.

Football is the ultimate team game, if you can’t cover, it’ll be difficult to get to the quarterback often. In turn, if you don’t get to the quarterback in a reasonable amount of time, the receivers can eventually get open.

With the additions of Marcus Maye and Adams, the coverage has now drastically improved. The addition of Adams will make it difficult for teams to gain yards after the catch on screens, and Adams can also help with the run defense. He is very aggressive against the run and will make it difficult to run against this Jets defense. In addition, Adams is very disciplined, as he had no penalties in his final season in Baton Rouge.

However, there was one major weakness on his draft profile that’s difficult to fix on the next level:

Aggressiveness opens him up against play-action.

The Jets need Adams to be at his best in 2017 to be at their best. Yes, Adams is a rookie, but due to the nature of football, his effect can be seen on the linebackers and defensive linemen. His play will have a trickle-down effect on the rest of the defense.

His draft profile also says this:

Natural-born leader of men. Well-built. Will not hesitate for one second as a hitter. Steps downhill looking to punish running backs to set a tone for defense.

It may be a lot of pressure to put on a rookie, but it seems like he’s capable of handling the responsibility and pressure. His success will ultimately give the Jets a window into the future.

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