Jets should avoid acquiring Mike Glennon this offseason


The New York Jets need to add another quarterback but should stay away from Mike Glennon.

ESPN’s Rich Cimini is reporting that the New York Jets are looking to sign quarterback Mike Glennon.  Desperation is no doubt the catalyst behind this, similar to the Houston Texans overpaying for quarterback Brock Osweiler.

There’s no doubt the New York Jets need a veteran backup in case of a Bryce Petty injury, or even to give him some competition during training camp.  However, Houston learned its lesson the hard way when they overpaid Osweiler, and they will wish they hadn’t.

There are a few red flags with Glennon and why it wouldn’t work with the Jets.  First, he’s not mobile.  Second, he doesn’t have pocket presence.  Third, he has accuracy issues.

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The third is the most important because it was not only in Tampa Bay that this reared its ugly head.  He became a full-time starter for North Carolina State in 2011 when Russell Wilson graduated and went to Wisconsin.

He played in 13 games in both his junior and senior seasons at NC State.  As a junior, he completed 62.5% of his passes with 12 interceptions.  That’s not bad, but he followed it up by completing 58.5% of his passes and throwing 17 interceptions.

That tendency followed him to the NFL.  In 2013, he was solid but unspectacular.  He completed 59.4% of his passes and had only nine interceptions in 13 starts.  The following season he only started five games, but his number dropped considerably.  He completed 55.9% of his passes and had six interceptions in those five starts.

There are plenty of better options for the Jets.  If they want to, they could trade for Tony Romo or A.J. McCarron.  They could also sign Tyrod Taylor (if he were to become available) or Landry Jones who is a better passer and more mobile than Glennon.

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Glennon shouldn’t be “on the Jets radar,” as Cimini puts it unless there’s no better option.  It’s a weak free agent class, but not weak enough to push Glennon to the top of the list.