NFL Playoffs 2017: Madden NFL 17 predicts Miami wins 13-3


It looked easy for the Miami Dolphins, as they threw past the Pittsburgh Steelers, and won 13-3 in a Madden NFL 17 simulation. They will continue their push to a Super Bowl in the NFL Playoffs 2017.

Many thought the Pittsburgh Steelers would’ve run away with this game, but that wasn’t the case in Madden NFL 17. The Dolphins had two guys connecting all day: quarterback Ryan Tannehill, and receiver, Jarvis Landry. The Dolphins pull the upset to advance in the NFL Playoffs 2017.

Game three coming at ya! Steelers and Dolphins set to face off, and EA predicts Ryan Tannehill to start. #PITvsMIA #Madden17

— Samuel Sutton (@ssl01191) January 6, 2017

The story leading up to the game was “who will start at quarterback for Miami?”

Well, if it was up to the popular EA Sports game, Madden NFL 17, it’s Tannehill, and it’s nice. In the first drive, Tannehill looked sharp, connecting with his favorite target, Landry, for 42 yards and a touchdown. This made it 7-0, Dolphins.

Landry feeling hot! ?? gets the first touchdown for Miami. Already 42 yards on the day. #PITvsMIA #Madden17

— Samuel Sutton (@SamSutton0205) January 6, 2017

The Steelers would punt on their first drive, and that struck their bad luck. The Dolphins would score again on their second drive, this time in the form of a field goal. The Dolphins would lead it 10-0.

Andrew Franks with three! Dolphins lead it 10-0. #PITvsMIA #Madden17

— Samuel Sutton (@ssl01191) January 6, 2017

The Steelers would finally score on their last drive of the first half with a field goal from Chris Boswell. This kept the Dolphins in the lead 10-3 at the half.

And the Steelers will score in the half. Chris Boswell knocks one in, making it 10-3, Miami. #PITvsMIA #Madden17

— Samuel Sutton (@ssl01191) January 6, 2017

The second half ended up being a mere formality for the Dolphins, but they did have one score. Another field goal from kicker Andrew Franks. The score was now 13-3.

On the Steelers’ next drive, they looked ready. They were moving down the field, looking aggressive, but were stopped on third down. The team tried a 55-yard field goal, but it amounted to nothing (like it was going to do much anyway).

Missed! The Steelers miss a 55 yarder, giving the ball back to Miami with 1:09 left. #PITvsMIA #Madden17

— Samuel Sutton (@ssl01191) January 6, 2017

The Dolphins kneeled out the rest of the game and won it 13-3. The problem for Pittsburgh in this game was that they just weren’t ready. They looked sluggish, unprepared, and looked like they feared Miami. If you play afraid in this league, you’re finished.

FINAL: Miami wins it 13-3. The Dolphins are predicted to move to the Divisional round. #PITvsMIA #Madden17

— Samuel Sutton (@ssl01191) January 6, 2017

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The MVP in this simulation was definitely Jarvis Landry. He looked ready to win a playoff game, and he did. If he keeps going like this, the team will probably continue their winning ways in the playoffs.