NY Jets: Patience is key with quarterback situation


With free agency underway, the NY Jets have to be patient to see what will transpire this offseason regarding their quarterback situation.

The new league year is here and so begins free agency. Free agent players are now allowed to sign with any teams they want and whoever they are currently in talks with. For fans this is always a time of panic and worry. Will your team make the right moves? Will they overpay for a regular player? Will they make a move already?!? These are at least most of what fans are feeling when they new league year starts.

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The problem with the start of the new year is that fans want too much to happen too fast. The thing many have to realize is that these teams have been planning for months on what to do come this new league year. There will be many rumors and quick reactions on whether a player might be going to a certain team or on how much they made from signing with that team. The one thing to remember is, stay calm.

For the Jets it will truly be interesting to see how everything pans out. As of right now the biggest topic out there is whether or not the Jets are going to be able to bring Ryan Fitzpatrick back. The problem is the team and the player have different views on how much they are worth. The Jets would be smart to truly not sign Fitzpatrick if his number is way above theirs.

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Yes, Fitzpatrick played very well for the Jets last season and lead them to a 10-6 record but he is also an older quarterback who you can only expect two maybe three years more out of him.

Not to mention that he did struggle to stay healthy and his arm has been lackluster the whole 2015 season. The problem with Fitzpatrick is that fans have really connected with him and want him to stay, however that thought process could be the downfall of the Jets.

The best option to choose when looking at this particular situation is the amount of money he asks for and judge it on the possibility of drafting a quarterback high or replacing him with a younger veteran. No one wants to hear “The Jets are looking to draft their next quarterback” especially with Bryce Petty just being drafted last season but you can truly see a young quarterback battle begin if the Jets were to do that.

Take this scenario for instance, the Jets and Fitzpatrick come to a stalemate. Jets feel he is worth maybe around $10M a year while Fitzpatrick and his reps feel differently and want $17M or $18M a year. This causes talks to deteriorate and Fitzpatrick decides to move on. The next step would be to bring in a veteran that can take the reigns just in case.

One big name out there is RGIII. Yes, fans would yell and scream at this but truly think about it. Fitzpatrick is known as an decently talented journeyman quarterback. When he was placed into offensive coordinator Chan Gailey’s system he rose above what he is known for.

Imagine what Gailey could do with a quarterback many said would be the next great athlete at the position? Next step is for the Jets to draft a quarterback, one they feel has a real chance of truly becoming the future. Fast forward to training camp and you have a quarterback battle between two very young players with a lot of talent and a veteran, who is known for his pure athletic abilities.

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This is only one scenario that could possibly happen for the Jets when it comes to the quarterback situation. Everything will begin to unfold as we get closer and closer to the 2016 NFL Draft. One thing fans will have to keep in mind is that general manager Mike Maccagnan seems to know what he is doing and should have earned some trust from the fan base of the Jets after last year. At this point, we just have to sit back and watch as everything unfolds in front of us.