NY Jets clinch their first winning season since 2010


With the NY Jets victory over the Dallas Cowboys, the Jets have secured their first winning season since 2010 when they reached the AFC Championship game.

In the eyes of many, the season of the Jets will already be looked on as a success, no matter if they make the postseason or not. First year head coach Todd Bowles inherited a team that hadn’t made the postseason since 2010 and a team that was coming off a frustrating 4-12 season.

Fast forward a season later and the script has been flipped, the Jets are 9-5 with two games to go and are playing important games in December for the first time in years. Even with all the hype going on around the organization, the Jets are at the mercy of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Kansas City Chiefs.

As many of you know, one of these two teams have to lose at least one out of the final three for the Jets to have a chance at the postseason. Many analysts and pundits have thrown out the ‘playoffs or bust’ label, it’s thrown around so much who knows what is its weight in gold.

New York is desperate for a winner, especially with the Jets floundering ever since the AFC title appearances over five years ago. Obviously as the Jets have continued to win, the questions about the potentiality of the playoffs and things of that nature have heated up which has led to Bowles doing a lot of talking, here’s some of his interesting responses provided by the Media Relations Department of the Jets:

On how much of an accomplishment the playoffs would be to him as a first-year head coach…

I don’t know. I have to get there first and I can answer your question.

Your take on 4 in a row, being 9-5, sort of in position here for a playoff spot, if you can finish business in last couple games…

I mean it’s good to string some games together, whether playoffs or not. It’s a good time to start playing good football. It wasn’t pretty today, all of them aren’t going to be pretty, but the good teams win the ugly games. And we’re on our way to becoming one of those teams if we can keep it up.

How much better do you need to be next week against an 11-2 New England Patriots team?

I mean they’re a division rival, so we know how good they’re and they’re the Super Bowl champs. We’ve got to clean up a lot of mistakes before we get to them.

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As Jets fans, of course we want to go to the playoffs, everyone wants a shot at the Lombardi. It’s been eluding the Jets for well over 40+ years. The Jets can’t control the Chiefs or the Steelers, what they can control is their preparation and doing what they have to do. Sure the Chiefs and Steelers could lose out, but if the Jets don’t take care of business none of that will matter.