NY Jets: Why the best remains to be seen


The NY Jets are entering the final few games of the season with no idea what the end result will be. The best remains to be seen in the grand scheme of things.

The Jets have been playing some incredible football as they do their best to earn a Wild Card berth in the NFL Playoffs. So many different scenarios and tiebreakers exist that many things can happen between now and the end of the regular season.

Regardless whether or not the Jets make the playoffs this season, they have had an incredible rebounding year compared to the debacle that was 2014. They’re 8-5 on the year and are slowly but surely building a great foundation for the future.

The best remains to be seen since I’ve always believed that it takes at least two to three years for a new culture to be fully installed on a football team. New head coach Todd Bowles and general manager Mike Maccagnan look like the real deal and will only fortify the organization even further over time.

Gone are the days of wasted draft picks or boneheaded free agency signings. This duo knows how to find hidden gems and players that fit exactly what they’re trying to establish as a respected and contending franchise. It’s exciting to think of the possibilities of what the Jets can do as they start to build a true contender over time based on the success already of 2015.

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Bowles even said that he feels not only great about the Jets at this very moment in the season but for the future. Here is a quote from the Media Relations Department of the Jets on if he feels the Jets are peaking at this point in time:

On if the Jets are peaking…

I don’t think we’ve peaked yet. I think we’re playing better football than we’ve played. We have a lot more confidence and we’re learning how to win different types of games. I think that takes time.