NY Jets: A quarterback change might be brewing


With their latest loss, the NY Jets have many issues across the team, including the possibility of a quarterback change brewing.

There is no denying the heart Ryan Fitzpatrick has for the game of football and for doing everything in his power to win football games for his Jets. Truth of the matter is, he hasn’t been able to not only find consistency but once again, understand the simple fundamentals of doing what is right in any given situation on the football field.

Once again, why doesn’t Fitzpatrick slide when he knows that he’s about to get hit? Last time he didn’t slide, it gave him an injury on his non-throwing hand and required surgery to ensure his thumb heals properly over time. He now wears a specially designed glove to ensure he doesn’t aggravate it further.

Looking at his game against the Houston Texans, he had a few opportunities to win this game but whether it was due to his poor play at quarterback or the fact that his receiving targets had butterfingers, nothing went in his favor.

Fitzpatrick ended his game totaling 216 passing yards on 19 completions for 1 touchdown and 2 interceptions. Of course it was the turnovers he committed that sealed the deal for the Texans who wanted to win this game much more than the Jets it seems. The Texans played hard and made sure to continue their momentum and capitalize on every mistake made by Gang Green and their ineffectiveness on offense.

With an injury, poor decision making and a lack of consistency on offense, is it time for a quarterback change? I honestly don’t feel Geno Smith would be any better at the moment but I remember what the definition of insanity is. No, not being a fan of the Jets but more so expecting different results with keeping things the same way.

As much as I hate to admit it, I think the Jets should stick with Fitzpatrick for at least one more game. If he puts up another dud of a performance like he did the past two weeks against the Buffalo Bills and Texans, there has to be change in favor of his demotion and seeing if Smith can turn things around for the better.

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In regards to Bryce Petty, I don’t feel he is ready or should even be an option at all this season, so it all leads to Smith. As much as I dislike his character and lack of leadership skills, I’m all for whatever is best for the team if it means winning football games. If Fitzpatrick can’t get the job done yet again and puts the Jets on a three-game losing streak, I firmly believe it’s time to make a change and start Smith.

Overall, this week will definitely bring the moans and groans of fans wanting change at quarterback. Something tells me the Jets won’t make the change this week but this could very well be the last chance Fitzpatrick has to keep his starting job and avoid becoming a backup yet again in his career.