NY Jets: Is it time to worry about Devin Smith?


Wide receiver Devin Smith of the NY Jets hasn’t done much this year, it could be injuries or something greater.

Well, it is not a stretch to say anyone with the last name Smith that plays on the Jets has not done much for the team this season.  This second-round draft pick, Devin Smith, may have been a speedy receiver at Ohio State but after a rib injury in camp he has been slower than molasses since his return.

In college, this beast averaged 28.2 yards per catch and had 12 touchdowns last season. The whole point of drafting him onto the Jets was to help stretch out the field with Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall to bring a vertical game.  Sadly, he hasn’t even been considered a threat!  He is not running down field, and the opposing teams are not worried about making sure he is double covered.  Since he’s only averaging 11.7 yards per catch on a paltry 7 times it is no wonder!  He doesn’t even have 100 yards this year, and his longest reception has been only 22 yards.

These stats are pathetic, given the 6 other players on the roster have a better average per catch. Nine other players have longer catches than Smith this year.  When you are behind the slow fueled Tommy Bohannon, we have issues.  How is it that a dangerous threat in college hit rock bottom in the big league?

This past week’s performance was the icing on the cake (well Rex’s cake that he ate).  It showed how little of a threat he is to opposing teams and more to the point, how much of a threat to the Jets. Fingers are being pointed at Smith as the main reason for the loss to Rex and his Buffalo Bills.  Bowles was hesitant to use him but no other options for kick returns were available with both Kenbrell Thompkins and Zac Stacy out with injuries.

Sadly, Bowles hesitation was right on, as it resulted in a fumble.  A kick return landed five yards deep in the endzone, with no reason to not take a knee.  Smith took it upon himself to run the ball out to the 16-yard line only to fumble the ball.  Since he did not take the knee or secure the ball, this gave not only Ryan a reason to laugh, but gave Duke Williams the opportunity to scoop-and-score a touchdown for Buffalo.  While some are saying it cost the game, others are saying it may cause a playoff spot too.

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Although, during the game he was able to catch the one ball targeted for him for the Jets, he’s only got 82 yards on the season, which is unacceptable.  Smith needs to start running and standing out if he is going to make a statement for the Jets.  If a change is not shown quickly, the Ohio State star won’t be a Jet for long (I see you Stephen Hill). Looks like this Buckeye will turn out to be a bust on the flip.